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Lunar Eclipse Dazzles Skygazers And Here Are the Most Stunning Pictures!

Lunar Eclipse Dazzles Skygazers And Here Are the Most Stunning Pictures!

Last night the world witnessed the longest celestial event of the 21st century. Yes that’s a freakin’ big deal. Skygazer or not, this is one of those once-in-a-lifetime events that just can’t be missed. The moon appeared red and dazzled gazers from all across the world. However, if you had a wild Friday night, were partying it up (or were binging on Netflix and pizza) and missed the show we have a compilation of photographs from all over the world for you.

1. What a vision! 

2. San Francisco you beauty!

3. Shine On!

4. Mumbai meri jaan!


Wished it was less cloudy yesterday night and could have captured the glory of the Lunar Eclipse in front of the Mumbai Skyline. Meanwhile our Tri-colored Gateway of India with a beautiful Super Blue Blood Moon rising behind it in one frame that i captured few months back! ❤ . . This was once in a lifetime shot! Very Special :) . Behind the scenes on my story! . . Thank you @modideep for the Close up moon shot. . . . . . . . #mumbai_uncensored #_soimumbai #everydaymumbai #things2doinmumbai #itz_mumbai #maharashtra_ig #insta_maharashtra #maharashtra_desha #lonelyplanetindia #Travelrealindia #Worthashott #Tripotocommunity #Mymumbai #Voyaged #Indianflag #Supermoon #BloodMoon #ChasingtheSuperMoon #Mumbai #RedMoon #Eclipse #LunarEclipse #WHPLight

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5. Lunar craze

6. Parisiennes got one of the most romantic and dazzling viewing spots!

7. There is something so enchanting about this photo...

8. Twinkling cityscapes

9. Is this unreal, or is this unreal?


Blood Moon 🌒

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10. Peek a boo!


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Stunning right?! 

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