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7 Hilarious Things Our Fave Character Chirag Said On 'Unmarried' That Made Us LOL!

7 Hilarious Things Our Fave Character Chirag Said On 'Unmarried' That Made Us LOL!

He's a Momma's boy and a complete desi with videshi thoughts. We're talking about Chirag from POPxo's first webseriesUnmarried. He is looking for his one great love, but is always giving people advice about their relationships. While all the other characters will definitely intrigue you, the loveable Chiru will make you laugh with him with his take on life's problems. He's a man of wisdom and he really touches your heart in the series.

So, we have picked seven super funny things Chirag said on Unmarried about life, love and relationships that will totally make you crack up!

1. Now that's an introduction!

funny dialogues by chirag from unmarried inside

2. This is life too!

funny-things-that-chirag-said-on-unmarried 2

3. When he sees other people having bizarre conversations!

funny-things-that-chirag-said-on-unmarried 3

4. On sex and other subjects!

funny-things-that-chirag-said-on-unmarried 4

5. To a friend who's always looking to mingle

funny-things-that-chirag-said-on-unmarried 5

6. He has problems too, you know?

funny-things-that-chirag-said-on-unmarried 6

7. His engagement. His engagement, guys!

funny-things-that-chirag-said-on-unmarried 7

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Published on Jul 4, 2018
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