It Is Finally Time To Brush Up Your Rainbow Definitions! 18 Sexual Orientation Terms You Must Know

It Is Finally Time To Brush Up Your Rainbow Definitions! 18 Sexual Orientation Terms You Must Know

The Supreme Court has finally done away with Section 377 and India as a country is rejoicing! In a bid to celebrate this huge step for us, I sat down to put together the definitions of a few words I come across often and what they really mean in the LGBTQ community. Before you dive into the hardcore stuff, here are some basic terms: 

Sex - Decided on the biological basis of the reproductive organ you are born with. 

Gender - Depends on the gender you identify with culturally or socially. 

And here are a few others you should definitely know about!

1. Homosexual 

 01 lgbt homosexual

2. Gay

02 lgbt gay %281%29

3. Lesbian

03 lgbt lesbian %281%29

4. Heterosexual

Basically a 'straight' person. 

04 lgbt hetrosexual

5. Bisexual 

05 lgbt bisexual %281%29

6. Pansexual 

Pansexuals are attracted to transgenders, homosexuals, straight people, etc regardless of the other person's gender identity. 

06 lgbt pansexual %281%29

7. Bicurious 

A person who is interested in exploring a sexual relationship with a person of the same sex but hasn't decided if he/she is bisexual yet. 

07 lgbt bicurious

8. Polysexual

Unlike Pansexuals, Polysexuals have limits as to the gender identities they are sexually attracted to. 

08 lgbt polysexual %281%29

9. Androsexual 

A person who is attracted to men. It could include transgenders, homosexual men, straight women and other gender identities.

09 lgbt androsexual 

10. Gynosexual 

A person who is attracted to women. It could include transgenders, homosexual women, straight men and other gender identities.

10 lgbt gynosexual

11. Asexual 

11 lgbt asexual

12. Demisexual 

12 lgbt demisexual

13. Polyamorous 

Many couples actually enjoy 'open' relationships with more than a single partner. Consent plays a key role in this kind of a relationship. 

13 lgbt polyamorous


14. Transgender 

A man who identifies as a woman or a woman who identifies as a man, regardless of which gender they are sexually attracted to. 

15 lgbt transgender

15. Transsexual 

A trans person who has successfully transitioned from their birth-sex to the sex they want to belong to. 

16 lgbt transsexual 

16. Intersex

You might be born with a female body form but your sexual organs do not correspond. 

17 lgbt intersex

17. Queer 

Includes any and everyone who is not straight. It could be homosexuals, bisexuals, transgenders and genderqueer people in general. 

18 lgbt queer

18. Ally 

19 lgbt ally

Stay woke, ladies!