#BeautyBasics: How To *Really* Use A Fan Makeup Brush

#BeautyBasics: How To *Really* Use A Fan Makeup Brush

The fan brush is a well-known tool in the art world. It has been used by artists to shade areas that do not need a brush stroke of intense colour. You probably got this one if you ever bought a 30-40 piece makeup brush set. Or maybe you think it's super pretty and want to get it but you don't know what you would use it for. But honestly, no one uses this brush to its full potential. It isn't one of those brushes that you absolutely cannot do without. In a lot of YouTube tutorials, this brush is used to apply highlighter but I always wondered if there was more to this brush than just that. Turns out, there is! 

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First, while we know what the fan brush looks like, it DOES actually come in various sizes. Yes, small-medium-large is a thing here. The super small fan brush could be used for light mascara application, the medium brush handles makeup application for your eyes, nose and lips and the large brush is ideal for the face. Now that we got that out of the way, here are the things your fan brushes can REALLY do!

1. Clean eyeshadow or mascara fall out without ruining your base. While your other brushes are thicker, there are chances that if you brush out fallout with those brushes you might do something to your base as well. 

2. If you're looking at going in for a natural makeup look, use this brush to apply your highlighter, bronzer and blush. You will never apply TOO MUCH with this one. 

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3. If you want just a little bit of mascara just at the base, the ends of the fan brush dipped in a little bit of mascara is perfect to separate and lift your lashes. 

4. Use a clean fan brush to cover up your lash glue. Just dip the ends in a gel eyeliner pot and lightly dab it on your lash line!

5. This can also be used if you don't have a spare spoolie and your lashes are clumped up. 

6. The medium sized brush is particularly useful to create gorgeous eyeshadow looks. You can just smear cream eyeshadow on your lids and then blend with the medium brush with a wiper-like motion and you'd have some sheer frosty eyelids! Yep, that's as simple as it gets!

Well there you have it, take the brush out of your makeup tool kit and use it, NOW! Tell us which tool you'd like us to talk about next! (Check out affordable makeup brushes here.)

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