#LoveYourBreasts: 7 Skincare Tips To Show The Girls Some Much Needed TLC!

#LoveYourBreasts: 7 Skincare Tips To Show The Girls Some Much Needed TLC!

We talk a lot about boobs. Seriously we do. Bras - which is the right receptacle for your mammaries so they don’t eventually touch your knees. How do we stop our breasts from drooping and sagging? How to naturally keep the perk up? How to spot breast cancer symptoms early on. And of course my latest WTF favourite, finding our perfect nude by matching it to our nipples. Good times!

But, what we don’t talk enough about is the fact that covering all of that awesomeness apart from the lace that we choose is extremely delicate skin. So let’s talk about it, here’s all you need to know about how to care for the skin on and around your boobs!

When it comes to breasts, here are the most common problem areas as well as the solutions.

1. Boob Sweat

As they say, where there is skin, there are glands. Okay, they don’t say it, I just did. All of us have boob sweat, especially if you have low hanging breasts. Because of that sometimes you could get rashes too! If you’re prone to boob sweat, just make sure you put some talc on the lower part before you put on a bra. If you know it’s going to be a long day, just use panty liners on the inside of your bra.

2. Super Dry Skin

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There is a reason why body butters and body lotions have the word BODY in them. You gotta apply it all over and not just on your legs, hands, arms and stomach. You know you do this. Seriously though, once in a while use an exfoliator and moisturise your breasts. Also if you’re planning on hitting the beach then sunscreen needs to be slathered on your breasts as well.

3. Stretch Marks

Stretch marks show up on your breasts for a number of reasons - age, weight fluctuation, wrong bra size. Your best bet here is to heal the skin. Just get some cocoa butter or stretch mark cream meant for pregnant women.

4. Splotchy Patches

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You know those red and angry spots you get sometimes on your face and arms when you’re sunburnt? Well, they show up on your boobs too. Let me repeat myself, YOUR BOOBS NEED SUNSCREEN TOO. Acne and rashes are also something that shows up on your breasts. If any of this appears the first thing you look at is the clothing you have on. Consult a dermatologist if the problem seems out of hand, or even at first.

5. Pigmentation

Just like a lot of other parts of your body your chest area could also look at some discolouration or dark spots. Of course, you can look at essences that help with discolouration and if you need an immediate cover-up, resort to you good old concealer!

6. Nipple Hair

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Nobody talks about it, but it is an occurrence. Annoying as it is, it is pretty common. Most of us are knowing to nip it in the bud or trim it as close as possible. Honestly, a few strands are super common, but if you’re facing a severe problem you could look into cosmetic hair removal.

7. Oils And Creams

From firming to general skincare, there are a lot of oils and creams that can be used to care for your chest area. Almond oil is great for firming, you can use that mixed with ylang-ylang essential oil to ensure overall breast health once a week.

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