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Hey Cancerian, Wish List These Fashion Pieces For Your Birthday Month

Isn’t the concept of birthday months just genius? I mean, one day a year isn’t enough to celebrate all that awesomeness, is it? We believe you deserve at least a month of being spoilt and pampered to death by your besties, colleagues and family. This month is all about the Cancerians. If you’re reading this, you’re the subject of this story. Feeling special? You ain’t seen nothing yet… because your BFFs and family aren’t the only ones pampering you this month, Cancerian. You get to ‘treat yo’self’ too! Your birthday month is the only time of the year being extravagant and indulging in some retail therapy is not looked down upon. Excited?

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We want to pitch in, too. So, we thought of putting together a supremely stylish wish list for you based on what your zodiac sign says about you… And we have to say, you’re one hell of a woman. You’re the best friend a girl could have, extremely confident and have a vivid imagination. But your taste in fashion and personal style tells a different yet interesting story… A water sign, you’re a beach baby through and through, which reflects in your wardrobe. Also, you’re creative in general yet you like your clothes to be classic and comfortable. Let me explain in ‘water baby’ terms - like the evening tide, trends come and fade away. Here is the perfect fashion wishlist for the Cancerian girl and each tells a little tale about you, so read on!

Published on Jun 26, 2018
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