8 Apps Every Independent Girl Needs To Have On Her Phone

8 Apps Every Independent Girl Needs To Have On Her Phone

With the world going virtual, the fear of staying alone, managing expenses, booking cabs, paying bills and much more has become way easier now. Gone are the days when women had to be dependent on their male counterparts for such services. So, open the app store on your mobile phone and download these cool apps that will make life further easier if you're an independent girl who doesn't need aid for petty favours. You go, girl. More power to you!

1. Google Pay (Earlier Tez)

Google Pay icon

Google has been making tasks in our everyday lives easier since time immemorial. There's no question you can't find answers to if you search for them on Google. And now, it has come up with its own payment app. You can now pay and receive money directly from your bank accounts as Tez works with your existing account. This saves you the hassle of opening a new one.

Download it here.

2. Splitwise


How often do you use the calculator to split the bill among friends or makes notes of who owes you how much? Now all of that can be done with ease on Splitwise. This app lets you view your balances, track your expenses and set up email reminders for bills. Splitwise is the coolest app ever and a must-have on everyone's phone.

Download it here.

3. TrueCaller

2 Apps for women Trucaller

Are you sick of unwanted calls at odd hours? Do you fear missing out on some important call because you don't have the number saved? Well, TrueCaller is your most trusted aid then. This app is a boon for all those who wish to make communication safe and efficient. The app lets you block spam and telemarketing calls and enables you to check names of unknown numbers in the call history.

Download it here.

4. Practo


Be it a man or a woman, anyone can fall prey to untimely sickness. A health app on one's phone is a must for everyone. Practo is the perfect app that lets you schedule an appointment or place an order for required medicines for a home delivery. Not only does the app keep a record of your medical history but also keeps the medical records handy.

Download it here.

5. VithU

5 Apps for women VithU

Safety comes first and one should never compromise on their security. With the changing times, surroundings have become even more unsafe for women. No matter how much we deny it, we can't change the harsh reality overnight. And since precaution is always better than cure, every woman must have VithU on their smartphone. This app has an alarm button and a GPS tracker which lets your loved ones know about your whereabouts and alerts them in case of an emergency. Guess you've found your virtual bodyguard!

Download it here.


Uber App Icon

Uber has made lives of all working women easier. It takes you to your workstation and drops you back home without any hassle. Booking a cab has never been this easy. Switch on your location services and type out your destination, the app will find the suitable ride for you. Your friends and family members can track your trip to know where you've reached and how long will it take you the arrive at the location. This ensures safety. Apart from this, Uber lets you schedule a ride for later too. Isn't it a life saviour?

Download it here.

Nike Women Training Club

7 Apps for women Nike

Who says only men are fitness freaks? Women, too, love to work on their body, follow a strict workout regime and eat a balanced diet. For all those lovely ladies who want to stay healthy and fit, Nike Women Training Club is the perfect guide for you. It allows you to create a custom workout in the comfort of your own home.

Download it here.


POPxo app icon

Well, if you're a woman, who wants the comfort of all apps in one, POPxo should be your only pick. This app is the ultimate guide that lets you book a cab, order food, view your horoscope, track your periods, chat with a friend as it entertains and keeps you updated with latest trends, beauty tips, celebrity gossip and much more. With four verticals- Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle and Wedding, POPxo writers give you all the news you need to know if you're someone who likes to stay up-to-date. You can initiate a poll and ask questions that will be answered by experts. Watch videos where the POpxo team takes up challenges and makes you laugh with their gigs. 

Download it here.