Fresh Off The Rack Summer Combinations You Can Create With The Clothes You ALREADY Own!

Fresh Off The Rack Summer Combinations You Can Create With The Clothes You ALREADY Own!

There are two things in life which women whine about not being enough of... healthy alternatives to fast food and stylish clothes. Even though our closets are always stocked with every kind of style that we can get out hands on, the 'I don't have anything to wear' issue is bound to rise up every single morning. More so in the summer, with temperatures being high and the sun wreaking havoc on our skin and style at the same time. The options for dressing up during the day becomes limited. Cotton ensembles and airy dresses become the popular choices but they aren't the only ones you can rely on.  

Solve your wardrobe woes by creating fresh combinations that work for the summer. Chances are, the items in your closet can be paired with each other in more ways than one, you just to get creative! 

To get you started, we have a few easy-to-pull-off pointers from our favourite fashion girls... 

1. Long Kurtas And Slim Pyjamas

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Long kurtas are a summer staple, but this one calls for you to fish out all your layered slim kurtas and pencil pyjamas to add a new twist to the kurta-pyjama look. Layered kurtas with front slits or jacketed make will work really well for this.

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2. Airy Basics With An Easy Layer

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You probably wear basic tees with blue jeans three days out of the seven. Why not do something with it? Add an extra bright and light layer of trench or Kimono style jacket. Don't worry about being hot, it's just for show!

POPxo Recommends: Open Front Floral Velvet Kimono Coat (Rs 781)

3. Printed Tanks And Skirts

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Stop hunting for basic separates to go with your printed clothes. Prints can look very fine when paired with other complementing patterns, you just have to have an eye for it. Blogger, Mehak Ghai paired her graphic printed tank with a quirkily printed skirt, keeping the look comfy and stylish.

POPxo Recommends: Printed Bow Back Tank Top (Rs 699)

4. Cropped Tops And High Waisted Trousers

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Do semi-formal in a chic way with your high waisted trousers worn alongside smart cropped tops. Add a statement belt and mile-high heels shoes to complete the look.

POPxo Recommends: Linen Trousers With Drawstring (Rs 2,590)

5. Dungarees But Not Denim

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Denim overalls are a great summer aesthetic, they are casual, fun and youthful. But if you have already worn and a couple of times and have started to get side eyes from your friends, switch them with cotton and linen dungarees that can be paired with your existing undershirts. 

POPxo Recommends: Navy & Off-White Striped Cropped Dungarees (Rs 1,400)

6. A Medley Of Layers

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Fit-and-Flare layers don't just have to be for the winters. belt your flared kurtas and pair them with palazzos and ethnic cover-ups. They will make for an uber-feminine Indian ensemble that is perfect for hot summer afternoons.

POPxo Recommends: Blue Ethnic Shrug With Embroidery (Rs 1,899)

7. Mix The Genres

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Cropped tees with ethnic skirts, wrap tops with dhoti pants and lehenga-style blouses with plain blue jeans are a few examples of genre-bending clothing that you can try for the summer!

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