Peek-A-Boo: Super Weird Beauty Lifesavers That Are ALWAYS In My Handbag!

Peek-A-Boo: Super Weird Beauty  Lifesavers That Are ALWAYS In My Handbag!

When you say ‘essentials’ to anyone who works in beauty and you’d better sit down and take a notebook out. However small the bag, EVERYTHING will ALWAYS be the same. You can just reference Hermione's bottomless bag here. (any Potterheads here?) Anyway, I am one of those people. The one who has some weird essentials apart from an army of lip balms, yes army, there are at least 8 at every given point in any bag.

So, apart from my lip balm addiction and the occasional gum stuck at the bottom of the bag, here are some essentials that I carry that make my life easier. Try them out?

1. Nail paint remover wipes

1 Kara Nail Polish Remover Wipes Strawberry

I have gel nail paint usually and sometimes regular nail paint. Basically, anything is better than stained and chipped nails. This is a lifesaver when you suddenly have to meet someone. Trust me.

Get it here.

2. Top coat

2 nykaa nail enamel top coat 105

Taking from the previous essential, if you have yellow stains on your gel nail paint you wipe it off and then add a layer of top coat. Fresh manicure in minutes. And if you just took off your chipped nail paint, then you have shiny talons until next time!

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3. Mini baby powder

3 Johnson's baby Powder - 50 gm

This has SO many uses! I use it as a dry shampoo, a deodorant and even a face freshener when needed! Just wash your face, dry it and apply the baby powder to keep moisture at bay. It works beautifully to take away the shine and re-set your concealer as well.

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4. Nail cutter

4 vega combo of nail clipper and nail buffer

Okay, this is in the bigger bags, but it is essential! It can help fix a nail chip and a hangnail but it can also help you open up something that’s tight shut without you having to break a nail. THIS IS IMPORTANT!

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5. Toothbrush

5 Colgate Toothbrush - Sensitive  Ultra Soft  4 pcs

Well apart from the chance that you might get stuck in a situation overnight and need to brush your teeth, a toothbrush can also help you tame flyaways and tie a bun in a pinch. Trust me, it has come in handy a lot of times.

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6. Razor

6 Gillette Simply Venus Disposable Razor

You’re wearing pants, you need to suddenly change into a dress. You’re wearing sneakers but need to change into open-toed pumps. A razor is your best friend in between your shave or waxing appointments. It also takes off lint off your sweaters or shrugs!

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7. Blotting sheets

7 oil blotting sheets clean and clear

These work not just to blot the oil off your face but also off your roots. If there’s too much sweat/grease on your roots just blot it and add some baby powder and massage well. New hair, don’t care!

Get it here.

What are the odd essentials that you carry? I have a little bit of space left in my bag.

Featured Image: Shutterstock