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Style File: Our Founder & CEO Priyanka Gill's Looks For Bata Fashion Weekend!

Style File: Our Founder & CEO Priyanka Gill's Looks For Bata Fashion Weekend!

Fashion weeks can seem intimidating. Bloggers in their experimental garb, industry insiders casually pulling off normcore looks and naturally stylish people all around making you really contemplate on “what to wear”. Our Founder & CEO, Priyanka Gill was faced with a similar dilemma as she geared up for the Bata Fashion Weekend in Milan. Yes, Milan, the “Capital of Fashion Capitals” raising the bar on dressing for the part and occasion. With little time at hand, she decided to call in the troops (aka me and POPxo’s junior stylist, Aveek Mitra) to help her curate her wardrobe for the week ahead. What followed was a hectic few days of sourcing, discussions on personal style and an absolutely fabulous outcome.

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In the beginning, we sensed a sense of hesitation from our in-house boss lady who lives a hectic life filled with meetings, events, and presentations. She was vary of experimenting beyond her classic monochrome palette and anti-fit silhouettes. But all it took was a little convincing, after all, Milan is not an everyday affair.

Now, the task at hand was finding outfits that represented her personal style (with a little twist) and matched the chic and comfortable ethos that Bata stands for her. As per the brief, Bata's two-day event held at iconic Palazzo Mezzanotte was both a sophisticated and fun-filled affair. We decided to take the same mandate for her looks and set about shopping and sourcing. Plus, decided to include a little inspiration from Bata’s legacy in India as well. The Swiss brand is often believed to be a homegrown entity due to its long-standing presence in India. This sprouted the idea of creating looks that are from India (by local indie labels) but with a design sensibility that is global. Here’s what we had to offer:

Look 1

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This has to be my personal favourite, a tribal mask print dress with camouflage sleeves from Banjaraan (from Aza Fashion) hit the spot between comfort and chic. The Anaqa Jewels earrings and the crocodile skin Hermes Birkin bag added the finishing flourish.         


Look 2

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Billowing sleeves contrasting with the fitted bodice, this co-ord set from Sid Tytler worked its magic on our hard-working boss as it highlighted her waistline and created a tapered look. Plus, it gave in to her favourite colour. What’s not to love.    

Look 3
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Only a superhero can wear a pristine white jumpsuit with a cape and go about a hectic day. Proving it right was our in-house boss lady in Sis Label available at Studio Click.

Look 4
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We finally got her to wear colour and not just as an accent but in the form of a technicolour skirt from Bobo Calcutta (again, from Aza Fashion). The vibrant, abstract print skirt with the Chanel lego bag really brought a ray of sunshine to rainy Milan.


We concluded the hectic weekend with our busy working CEO acknowledging her love for fashion and how getting it right is just about putting in the effort. So ladies, don’t be lazy when it comes to fashion. To know more about our founder & CEO, Priyanka Gill's Bata Fashion Weekend in Milan click here.  

Published on May 2, 2018
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