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Slip Into Sexy With *These* Slip Dresses Perfect For Sultry Summer Evenings!

TIDK about you but I’ve done this a lot to my friends - cancelled the plans because I’m too lazy to dress up. The effort to RSVP, then spend so much time in thinking what you want to wear. Followed by the frustrated cancelling because you have nothing to wear and now you’re too depressed to even go. It’s time you stop pissing them off! Here are seven slip dresses that are perfect for your evening agendas of all kinds - whether it’s your bestie’s cocktail, date night, girls night out or a visit to Wine-country. So don’t let those friends (and plans) slip away. Let Deepika Padukone be your guide on how to dress it up and down -

2 slip dress - met gala 2017 deepika padukone

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1 slip dress - deepika padukone all about you

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Instant ready, Insta-ready!

Published on Apr 26, 2018
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