Did An Overdose Of Colour In The 90s Turn Karisma Monochrome? | POPxo

Did An Overdose Of Colour In The 90s Turn Karisma Kapoor Monochrome?

Did An Overdose Of Colour In The 90s Turn Karisma Kapoor Monochrome?

What are all the things that come to mind when you’re thinking about your life in the 90s? A cartoon-printed school bag; white PT shoes; a Milton water bottle around the neck; Tom and Jerry at 6 pm. Sounds about right! Now, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Bollywood in the 90s? Hint:

1 karisma kapoor - bollywood

Karisma Kapoor! And the overdose of colour that comes with her. But mostly, Karisma Kapoor. The 43-year-old actress started her career when she was only 17 and since then, there’s no stopping her. But if you see her transformation from when she first started her career in 1991 to 2018, you’ll see her full-blown coloured outfits turn into… BAM... a low-blow of black and white.

From multi-chrome to monochrome, we wonder if an overdose of colour in the 90s turned her so. Let’s find out.


From her debut movie Prem Qaidi, to comedies like Andaz Apna Apna and Hero No.1, from Govinda to Salman Khan, here’s a sneak peek into Karisma’s 90s looks. There’s one thing common in all of these, and you know what it is…

CAUTION: Switching your night mode on is advisable.

2 karisma kapoor - govinda

3 karisma kapoor - andaz apna apna

4 karisma kapoor - colourful outfit Bollywood

5 karisma kapoor - acessories bollywood

6 karisma kapoor - karishma and govinda hero no. 1

7 karisma kapoor - checked shirt bollywood

8 karisma kapoor - dulan hum le jaenge salman khan


Brace yourself because your eyes are going to need some adjusting to. Also, switch off the night mode, and maybe, increase the brightness a bit…


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A stark difference isn’t there? Lolo’s personal style is completely opposite to what it was in the 90s, as you can see. In fact, 90% of her looks today are a classic black and white. Having something black and white is quite easy to do with western wear, but Karisma sticks to the palate in Indian wear as well which, by the way, is not that common.

From loud colours, clashing prints and flouncy garments to structured silhouettes and elegant combinations, Karisma’s style evolution is so obvious but it’s not obvious why! She may have stopped acting in movies but you’ll always see her presence on your TV screens in the form of ads or on Instagram partying with her girl gang. So it’s an educated guess to think that the actor took a break from colour after her overexposure to it in the 90s. The real question is what do you think about her style transformation?

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