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Say *Tuck Off* To Tops That Spill Out Of Your Pants: Bodysuits To The Rescue!

I’m in the mood to share a sob-story with you today. For some, it may be more of a horror one, but to me, it’s a sheer tragedy. So, in one sentence, here it is - tops that come undone and spill out of your pants/ skirts within a second of you putting them on.

britney spears crying tuck off bodysuits

Let me give you a short background to this. So, the other day I bought a pair of the funkiest bell-bottomed jeans. The part I love the most about ‘em? They have these beautiful engraved rose gold buttons and a high waist that makes my curves even curvier. Now, styling an outfit takes time and after a day of wondering how to wear my new babies so as to show off the pair’s awesomeness in its entirety. I decided I was going to tuck my favourite slogan cropped tee in to let my jeans do all the talking. I walked out the door looking and feeling fine AF.

Until I got out of my car to get to work and to my dismay, the tee had spilt all the way out. Naturally, then came the uncomfortable dance of tucking it back in, that too in a public parking lot (I swear the ‘bhaiya’ gave me the weirdest look when I walked out). The cursed tee continued to frustrate me with this issue throughout the day.

I know it doesn’t seem so bad but imagine - could Beyoncé work all those fierce moves if her god darned top kept spilling out of her sexy-ass pants? No! If that, ever, did happen, it would be a sad sad world and you know it. I’m going to end this tragic tale here and tell you this is why they made bodysuits. Beyoncé clearly loves them (so much so that she’d rather wear them without ANY pants at all).

beyonce in bodysuit tuck off bodysuits

So, naturally, that’s a given for me too. Whether you’re at work or at a club, they will not spill out. Here are 8 bodysuits that will do anything but disappoint you.

Bodysuits FTW!

Published on Apr 25, 2018
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