Let Athiya Shetty Show You How To Wear Glitter This Summer Without Going OTT

Let Athiya Shetty Show You How To Wear Glitter This Summer Without Going OTT

Scrolling through Instagram for beauty and make-up trends is my most favourite thing to do. Being a Disney fan, pixie dust is my favourite accessory. You know where I am going with these seemingly unrelated sentences right? I always like to look for ways where you can wear glitter as a part of your everyday look without going over the top or looking like a disco ball. Of course, highlighters would count as one of the most nonchalant ways to wear glitter, it still requires a full face. 

Eye make-up is always the thing that lifts your look and even your face if you decide to go barefaced for a particular day. I am a big fan of a bright eyeliner during the summer to lift up your look. I am partial to glitter though and I was super glad when Athiya Shetty and her make-up artist Arti Nayar decided to try this eyeliner look. 


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Glitter Eye Make-Up 101 

This is a seemingly simple and understated way to wear glitter at work, during the day or even night. This versatile look is as simple as investing in a glitter eyeliner in the colour of your choice and swiping it on precisely. But because I know some of us love glitter here are a few other looks that you could try. 

An amped up version of this look could work for date night without seeming like you're a glittering parade. All you need is some loose glitter pigment and coloured liquid eyeliner. You can just swipe it on and before it dries, take a precision brush and dab on loose pigment to get a more concentrated glitter look. Apply a bunch of loose powder in your under eye area to catch the fallout and get rid of it. 

Another way is to use a champagne coloured glitter pigment or eyeshadow and just swiping it all over your lid. This will pop at the right moments when the light hits your lids, but is cool enough to wear during the day. 


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The inner and outer corner trick is another one of my favourites. You can dab some glitter pigment in the inner and outer corner of your eyes to make them pop and also give you the understated glam look that you're going for. 

From one glitter lover to another, try these looks this summer, you will LOVE it!