The Identity Of The Mysterious Instagram Profile Has Been Revealed!

The Identity Of The Mysterious Instagram Profile Has Been Revealed!

You remember Kiran Parara, the mysterious woman who has been posting everything in dozens on Instagram? Finally, we found out her identity! The woman blogging about fitness, travel, fashion and beauty on the social media website had an obsession with the number 12 and that’s strangely relevant to all of us.

What did 12 mean exactly?

Well, we found out that the Instagram profile of Kiran Parara was created to spread awareness about the haemoglobin level in women. But why 12, you wonder? It is because the heamoglobin level in women should be 12 or above for a healthy life. Precisely, between 12 and 15 grams per deciliter.

Now we understand what this means: There is no Kiran Parara. Infact, every woman is Kiran Parara. And the idea behind the #BaaraKaNaara campaign is to create awareness about how important it is to maintain our haemoglobin level.

Celebrities such as Krystle D’ Souza, Anita Hassanandani and many others have also joined the movement.

Haemoglobin is the protein in our RBCs (Red Blood Cells) that carries oxygen through our body. So, if the level of haemoglobin drops, the oxygen level in your body drops, too which is why it is important to maintain a minimum level of 12.  Sometimes, low blood levels also indicate that the person is suffering from anemia and may need to consume more iron.

Did you know that every two out of four women and every two out of three girls in India suffer from iron deficiency? So, it is vital for every girl to take care of her health and keep a check on your haemoglobin level from an early age. Some of the symptoms of low haemoglobin level include weakness, pale skin, hair fall, brittle nails, shortness of breath and constant headache.

Healthy eating can help in battling low haemoglobin levels. Pick food items that are rich in iron and include them in your daily diet. Foods like green leafy vegetables, pulses and meat will help you get your haemoglobin back to normal. Sometimes, you need a little extra in your diet; the doctor recommended supplements like Livogen help to stabilise it. Working out is really important to your body as well. You also need to have water to maintain the level of blood flow in the body.

So, turns out that #BaaraKaNaara is an alarm to us about our health and the fact that no matter what we do, it all finally comes down to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s these little things that help a person combat daily stress and underlying health issues.

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