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This Mysterious Instagram Profile Has Got Us Hooked!

This Mysterious Instagram Profile Has Got Us Hooked!

When you spend two hours in your car everyday to get to work, you need things to distract you from the traffic. Music is my saviour, so the radio is a necessity. And lately, I have been listening to the RJs talk about a mystery woman who’s voicing #BaaraKaNaara.

Curious, I went online to find more about her and stumbled upon her Instagram profile. Kiran Parara seems versatile from her profile: she posts about health and fitness, beauty, fashion, and travel. But the mystery part is that there are no pictures of her and no indication of where she lives. And this is what’s really puzzling: she posts pictures with 12 elements (12 shoes, 12 ingredients, 12 magazines) and every post has #BaaraKaNaara.

Now I am a regular visitor to her account, waiting for her to reveal something. Maybe it’s the suspense-lover in me who can’t let this go without answers. Do you want to look at some clues and help me out? Here’s what I know!

1. Healthy eating is her way of life

Even at work, you can follow a healthy diet regime and stick to it, she says.

2. Give a break and bake!

On your days off, she indulges herself a bit and bakes a treat.

3. Fitness is an everyday goal

She has major #fitnessgoals and she uses her workout as a stress-buster.

4. A getaway is a weekend away...

She loves to travel and flies away whenever she gets an opportunity. For ideas, she turns to her companions—travel magazines.


5. Walking her way to success!

She’s a shoe-enthusiast like me and I can’t possibly love her more!

While I wait for answers about this unknown girl, why don’t you check out her profile and share your theories? I’m sure we’ll know more about her soon.

*This is a sponsored post for MERC.