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Here's How You Can Get Alia's Bhatt's Picture-Perfect Skin!

Here's How You Can Get Alia's Bhatt's Picture-Perfect Skin!

It’s no secret that Alia Bhatt has one of the freshest faces in B-Town. Apart from her make-up and hair always being on point, the 25-year old actress is most loved for her youthful skin and innocent smile. If you’ve ever wondered what’s her secret to her flawless complexion, we’ll spill the beans! Actually, let her Instagram profile do all the talking. Here’s how you can get Alia Bhatt’s picture-perfect skin at home.

1. Drink Your Way To Pretty Skin


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Did you know that a chilled glass of beetroot juice is a rich source of vitamins, iron and minerals? In fact, it helps purify the blood, clears blemishes and even out the skin tone. No wonder it’s our superstar’s go-to drink!

2. Catch Up On Beauty Sleep


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While you snooze, your body boosts blood flow to the skin. When you get a good night's rest, your skin begins to glow and appear fresher. Like Alia, make it a priority to catch some ZZZ’s.

3. Eat Fresh, Eat Healthy


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You are what you eat. Yep, even Birthday girl, Alia Bhatt, will agree to that fact. Load your plate with fresh veggies and seeds as they’re loaded with good bacteria, minerals, vitamins and fibre.  

4. Fruits By The Ocean


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Craving for some vitamin sea time? While you’re at it, don’t forget to get yourself a plate of delicious fruits. Crunching melons and juicy apples will bless you with beautiful skin.

5. No Make-Up Days For The Win!


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Sometimes, it’s okay to give make-up a miss. Just how Alia does it, leave your skin bare and allow it to breathe. Your skin will reward you by looking its best.   

7. Work It, Babe!


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We bet you didn't know that exercising regularly helps keep skin cells nourished and energised. Each time you work that body, it boosts blood circulation. When that happens, you begin to sweat. The sweat then cleanses your pores by pushing out the gunk and bacteria.

8. Don’t Forget To Hydrate


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Whether you drink water or sip on some juice, remember to always hydrate. This beauty habit helps to flush toxins away and gives your skin a radiant, supple appearance.

9. Giggle Time!


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And last, but not the least, smile more often. Laugh like there’s no tomorrow because happiest girls are the prettiest. (Don't you agree with us?)

Published on Mar 15, 2018
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