The POPxo Story: How We Created India's Largest Community Of Women

The POPxo Story: How We Created India's Largest Community Of Women

The POPxo story is a celebration of women. Our platform is home to India’s largest digital women’s community. We started just four years ago. As POPxo’s Founder and CEO, I am immensely proud of my team that manages to pull off amazing things every day.

We started - as many others do - very small. A few people, working out of their homes in London and Mumbai, meeting everyday on Google Hangouts, trying to become the answer to one question - “What do Indian women read (and watch) online?”.

The team grew, we raised some funding and opened our first office in Delhi. Today, we are 140 strong, with offices in Delhi and Mumbai - a real business trying to make a difference and doing so with an eye on profits.

It’s been four intense, interesting, and tumultuous years. When I look back at the start, I smile at my own bright-eyed naiveté, the pure idealism that is a must to embark on an adventure like this.

It truly takes a village to grow a company. I am thankful and immensely grateful for the phenomenal people it’s been my luck to meet and work with. Some of them have moved on; but, I am grateful for all that they taught me and for all they gave to the company. Our investors, advisors and partners have celebrated the wins and have held strong through the storms. My family and friends who have learned to live this crazy life; this would not have been possible without them.

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In reality, today is about the POPxo team. They are all amazing. The POPxo story, its success is theirs. Every month, 14.7 million users spend over 4 million hours on content we create. They record 200 million video views a month. Imagine that. Millions of people relate to and love a brand that they have built. They work tirelessly, to crazy deadlines, and even then they make it seem like fun.

Most importantly, the POPxo story belongs to our users - they all have made us what we are. Their comments, their encouragement and love powers the company. They are always there (thank God) telling us what they love and don’t love so much :) We want to get bigger and better for them. To become the Indian woman’s indisputable, default destination online - where she can do everything she loves to do. All that and more is coming up in our mega-release that will happen at the end of the month - so watch this space!

Lastly, thank you - for making it this far. It is an important moment for me, personally. POPxo has been one of the most rewarding journeys I have been on. To build a company for women, run by women, it’s a dream come true. The future feels promising and that’s a fantastic feeling.