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This Is WHAT Happened When Our Video Stars Swapped Their Styles

This Is WHAT Happened When Our Video Stars Swapped Their Styles

Your best friend was at your doorstep with vodka when your boyfriend broke up with you. She was the one holding your hand when you got your first tattoo. And admit it, you practically live out of each other’s closets. So who better to dress you up in outfits that would be flattering? Her!

Go one step further and let her change your look altogether, with something that’s uniquely her style. And you do the same for her. There’s nothing more refreshing than a complete makeover, and since your BFF knows you the best, she’s the best person for the job!

Our favourite fashionistas and video stars: Roshni and Upalina also swapped their styles and dressed up each other; they chose two looks, casual and glamorous, and made them rock. Is this a good idea for you and your bestie? Watch the video and find out!

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If you loved their looks as much as we did, you’d need the details of everything they were seen wearing. Here is the breakdown, so get started with your best friend! Don’t forget to share the results with us.

1. Roshini’s Casual Look

shein 1

We are huge fans of the denim-on-denim trend. We love how Upalina has opted for two different hues of blue denim for Roshini and finished the look with an oxblood bodysuit and nude flats. This is THE outfit you should be wearing to your next brunch.

Get the look: Shein Distressed Denim Jacket (Rs 2,210) here, Pointed Toe High Vamp PU Flats  (Rs 1,430) here, Wide Leg Flare Jeans (Rs 1,560) here, Ribbed Bodysuit (Rs 585) here and Metal Frame Clear Lens Glasses (Rs 455) here.

2. Upalina’s Casual Look

shein 2

Hands down our favourite look of this style swap: We love how playful the ribbed bardot top and the complimentary palazzo jeans are. The best part? The little splash of colour and detail on the scarf. Upalina has found a great stylist in Roshni (we are so jealous!).

Get the look: Bardot Ribbed Crop Tee (Rs 520) here, High Rise Palazzo Jeans (Rs 1,560) here, Paisley Print Bandana (Rs 260) here and Ruffle Detail Slip-On Sneakers (Rs 1,950) here.

3. Roshni’s Glam Look

shein 3

Everything about this look is so effortless and sexy! The flared pants are just right, the red blazer provides the perfect colour break from black and the bralette adds all the hotness.

Get the look: Neckline Crop Cami Top (Rs 585) here, Double Breasted High Waist Pants (Rs 975) here,  Metal Leaf Design Chain Crossbody Bag (Rs 845) here and Tailored Blazer (Rs 2,015) here.

4. Upalina’s Glam Look

shein 4

For the girls who want to show off their toned body, Roshni’s advice is to opt for fitted silhouettes that accentuate those curves. This asymmetrical one sleeve jumpsuit is a classic, and a sexy choice to attain the hot, yet understated, look.

Get the look: Asymmetrical Shoulder Layered Bell Sleeve Jumpsuit (Rs 1,820) here, Metal Leaf Design Chain Crossbody Bag (Rs 845) here and Raw Trim Detail Satin Stiletto Heeled Sandals (Rs 1,690) here.

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