Feeling Broke Already? Here Are Some Easy Ways To Save Money In A Relationship

Feeling Broke Already? Here Are Some Easy Ways To Save Money In A Relationship

Finding true love is all fun and games till it starts draining your bank balance. Don’t get me wrong, I am totally in favour of being in a relationship but the taxing aspect of it cannot be ignored. Dates, movies, night-outs, gifts, whether you try or not, it’s bound to get expensive. And money should never stand in the way of you spending time with your boo. But there is a solution to every problem, in this case, seven easy steps to solve your financial crisis and save money in a relationship!

1. Create A Budget

Set a weekend budget for the both of you, and don’t cross it. Keep your partner and yourself in check while shopping and spending on booze. 

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2. Share Accounts

Not bank accounts, though that is advisable too. But I mean online subscriptions like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Apple Music, you’ll end up saving on almost half the amount by picking two screens (if you watch TV individually) instead of two separate subscriptions.

3. Save On Your Dates

Instead of going on fancy dinners, go to cafes or take a long drive to your favourite highway dhaba. Watch a local band perform live or go to a drive-in theatre if you set a budget on your date night then picking a place will get easier.

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4. Drink At Home Instead

Making your way to a club and getting drunk sounds like fun but can take a toll on your pocket. So pre-drink instead, pour yourself a few glasses of your favourite liquor at home, trust me it’ll still cost less than the shots at the bar.

5. Sign Up For Rewards

Find the rewards system on your debit and credit cards and then make a list of restaurants and movie theatres where you can gather points for the same. It is surprisingly easy and effective.

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6. Workout Together

Start going on runs together, you’ll get another chance to spend some time with each other as well. Or join a yoga or aerobics class, replace these with date scenarios and you’re sorted.

7. Open About Your Budget

Having a conversation is the easiest way to deal with any crisis. If you both are open about your financial situation, then you can work around them together. Also, if you both are in different places monetarily then this conversation will get everything in order, for better or for worse.

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Get saving, girls!

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