2018 Predictions: These Beauty Trends Are Going To Be *Big* In The New Year!

2018 Predictions: These Beauty Trends Are Going To Be *Big* In The New Year!

Last year, the world witnessed some pretty absurd beauty trendsremember the squiggly brow trend, nose hair extensions, braided brows, floral eye make-up and the black highlighter? Yep, all those memories made us cringe a little on the inside too! We hope this New Year the beauty trends change for the better. We may not play the role of an oracle when it comes to predicting the future, however, we can still keep our hopes high and continue to spin the wheel of fortune! Here are 10 of our beauty trend predictions we think will spread like wildfire and hidden in there are some hopes we might have for future beauty things, is anyone listening?

1. All-in-One Kits


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Wouldn’t it be awesome to get your hands on a multipurpose beauty product? The kind that’s packed with a variety of shades and works as a highlighter, blush, eyeshadow, lipstick and bronzer as well? Yep, that’s the dream for 2018.

2. Skin So Soft, So Smooth, So Natural

This year could be less about make-up and more about skincare. Which means ladies, no more caking your face up with foundation. Going the subtle way is the beauty game for 2018. Investing in skincare products like serums, creams and moisturisers for a fresh, dewy finish is the goal.

3. A Strong Message On Your Tips


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Boob and vagina nails took the internet by storm in 2017. Even though the trend seemed absurd to many, they did have an underlying message. They promoted feminism and most women showed no qualms in flaunting them. We think graphic nails with even more powerful messages will start to trend as this year progresses.

4. Ultraviolet Eyelids

Ultraviolet is the Pantone colour of the year. If you still weren’t aware of that, then it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. Sometime this year, we bet every girl will have her lids tinted in ultra violet. This vibrant shade adds the perfect pop of colour to a monotone outfit.

5. Glittery Lips

Remember that 2017 was the year of the unicorn? Highlighters, lip tints, make-up brushes, eyeliners took inspirations from the ever awesome unicorn. This year, we think glitter will steal the show. We’re expecting sparkly make-up treats from Fenty, Huda, Makeup Revolution and KKW this year! Not the lip products with a metallic matte finish, but the ones with a glossy, sparkly and creamy texture.

6. Gold Baby, Gold!

What did RiRi give the beauty world? An iconic gold highlighter, of course! This year, the yellowish gold eye make-up is going to be HUGE! Every second girl at a party or a wedding will be showing up wearing gold dust all over their face.

7. A Comeback Of Bullet Lipsticks

You know what they say ladies, history always repeats itself. With a year of liquid bottled lipstick dominating the beauty market, we think bullet lipsticks are to make a comeback. Speaking of bullet lipsticks, did you hear of Kylie Jenner’s recent lipstick launch? It featured creamy bullet lipsticks that got sold-out in minutes!

8. Futuristic Hair Products

Dry shampoo isn’t the only cool beauty invention out there, you know? We bet newer and cooler ones would hit the market soon. It would be amazing to see products like anti-frizz wipes, foam-based dry shampoos, hair colouring pens and maybe, oil blotting paper for your scalp kicking it off this year.

9. Shampoo Bars? Yes, Please!


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Let’s face it, the beauty industry isn’t the most eco-friendly cult out there. Most products still come in plastic packaging and are hazardous to the environment. However, it looks like 2018 new and positive changes are about to take place. Lush introduces a humble shampoo bar that’s kind to the environment. You can either ask your NRI friend to bring one for you or you can buy it with a slightly expensive price tag.

10. Sweatproof Your Make-up

All you gymaholics out there! We’ve found you make-up that’s designed to cater to all your beauty needs while you sweat it out. Without melting or clogging your pores, this make-up is for the rough and tough. Sweat resistant mascaras, cheek tints, matte lippies, non-sticky BB creamsyou’re going to look like a diva while you work that booty! *wink*

Would you like to try your hand at a prediction? What do you want in your beauty box for 2018?