Kashmir Is Witnessing The Prettiest Snowfall You Have Ever Seen | POPxo
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Kashmir Is Completely Snowed In & It's Like Walking In A Winter Wonderland!

Kashmir Is Completely Snowed In & It's Like Walking In A Winter Wonderland!

Growing up as a kid in Mumbai, my only association with Kashmir was that it is always in the news and it snows there in the winter. Vacation pictures from family friends didn't help my longing to visit the place either! And it’s no different this year, with record snowfall registering all over the world, our northern fam isn’t too far behind. The region is completely snowed in and the pictures from the area are absolutely stunning.

1. Peaky Blinders

2. A Bird’s Eye View

3. Winter Wonderland

A post shared by BEING KASHMIRI (@beingkashmiri) on

4. The Road Less Travelled

5. The Lonely Boatman

6. Adventure Is Out There!

7. Travelling Without A Ticket

8. The Corner House

9. A Quiet Afternoon

Don’t wait for the summers to visit this paradise on earth and head to Kashmir for your first trip of 2018! Revel in the pristine winter silver view, especially if you are curious to know how people live and carry out daily activities with feet submerged inches deep into the snow. Remember, make sure you don’t forget your mittens!

Published on Jan 6, 2018
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