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Here’s How Kangana Ranaut Manages To Travel In A Saree & You Can Too!

Here’s How Kangana Ranaut Manages To Travel In A Saree & You Can Too!

We’re not the only admirers of Kangana Ranaut’s beyond chic airport style. Alia Bhatt is a fan of her travel looks too (remember the Koffee With Karan episode) Well, obviously a lot of credit goes to her stylist, Ami Patel but Kangana Ranaut nails each look with much elegance. She ditched the basic black leggings and oversized tee airport look a long long time ago. These days the queen is only seen walking in and out of airports in ethereal sarees. Making us wonder how someone can possibly pull off 5 metres of fabric with such ease! Just in case you were wondering the same, we’ve decoded Kangana Ranaut’s airport style (read saree style) so you can wear one while travelling too!

Minimal Accessories


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Walking in a saree without tripping on the drape is a task in itself (for us, at least), which is why even Kangana avoids too many accessories to go with her sarees. Loading yourself with too much jewellery or a cumbersome bag will only make it tougher. Take a cue from the diva and stick to basics only - a pair of sunglasses and a satchel.  

Fuss Free Silhouettes

When we think of a saree, we can’t help but think of a sexy blouse with a deep back. But those are the things best left to weddings. While travelling, make sure you wear a blouse that has a fuss-free silhouette and doesn’t need too much attention once you’ve put it on. Opting for a fabric that’s easy to drape, will further simplify the task.

Comfortable Footwear


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Flats, flats and flats! We can’t emphasise on this one enough. Yes, it’s really tempting to take your saree style up a notch by slipping into really classy stilettos, but that’s not a great idea when you’re on the go! Kangana usually goes for embellished juttis or cutout sandals for a casual look.

Simple Drapes


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The saree is continuously evolving in terms of drapes. But the nivi drape (most common draping style) is the easiest one to walk around in. Kangana approves of it too! You’ll never see the lady in a saree that’s complicatedly draped. So, get your safety pins ready and get to it!  

Published on Jan 7, 2018
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