Calm Your Nerves All Brides-To-Be! We Are Here To Sort All Your Wedding Planning Woes!

Calm Your Nerves All Brides-To-Be! We Are Here To Sort All Your Wedding Planning Woes!

Your wedding is one of the toughest exams you will face in your life. Wait. There's a tougher one, planning that wedding. From your childhood, you have wanted that perfect wedding but in reality, getting it done is an uphill task. And most of the times it turns out to be quite a mess. And funnily, you can't control most things even though it's the biggest event of your life. Wedding planners might help you out but from breaking the news to your family to getting that baby pink rose in the bouquet, you will face a variety of challenges. But then, what's life without them? If nothing else, they’ll give you great stories for the future. Don't worry, here are a few tips that would help you calm your nerves before you get down in the ditches to wedding planning. From getting tips for working brides to striking a balance between their wedding and work, to telling you how to spend your money in a smart way, we have you covered.

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1. Make a list

The day your date is fixed, make a to-do list. There are plenty of templates and apps online that can help you do this. Do your homework well and list out all that needs to be done in the months/ weeks of planning and who you want to delegate wedding work to.

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2. Delegate the wedding work 

While you may be an independent woman who loves to do everything on her own, make sure you ask for help whenever you need it. Wedding planning is definitely one time you should involve your friends and family and delegate tasks. Trust us, ladies, they will feel happy you sought their help.

3. Get yourself a planner

There is just no substitute to this. Either you can hire a professional wedding planner or you could put your super-efficient bestie or cousin on the job. Following up with vendors, running around and coordination - there’s a lot to be done and nothing better than having a one-point contact for it all.

4. Never shop with too many people

Just one person per trip. Maybe two. More is never merrier in this case – you’ll be left confused.

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5. Do not shop too early

Heard of fast fashion? Shopping from the previous season’s collection isn’t what you want to do for your wedding-wear. Be hip and trendy. As far are your trousseau clothes go, you will start using it all after your wedding – so get the point?

6. Know your budget 

Even if you have a fat paycheck – stay within the line and stick to the budget you and your family has set for the wedding. You’d rather spend on a fabulous honeymoon or save up to invest in a house later. Trust us, this is the best advice you’ll get.

7. Keep a check...

...On the fitting dates. Try on your bridal outfits well in advance. You do not want to be stressed on your big day about a blouse that isn’t fitting right, do you?

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8. Lingerie is important too

An ill-fitting bra can ruin the best of your outfits. And hey, you might as well make it sexy too.

9. Keep yourself hydrated at all times

The whole process of planning and excitement can stress you out. Don’t forget to sip water and stay hydrated at all times, even when you are out shopping. Besides, that’s so good for your hair and skin.

10. Exercise right

Every bride we know tries to get into better shape before her wedding. So it’s time to get that gym membership. What say? It’ll also be a good break from all the running around for wedding work.

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11. Invest in a good photographer

The wedding day will pass in a jiffy but the memories can remain forever. Take out time and do your research to get a good photographer for the wedding. Sit with him/ her and brief them about the moments and people you want captured on camera.

12. Get your emergency kit together 

This is a bride’s best friend. Make sure your kit has first aid, safety pins, bobby pins and a sewing kit, among other necessities. You’ll find a lot of help with this online.  

11 *Lifesaving* Tips For Working Brides!

We have some wedding planning tips that will help all the working brides manage their work and plan their big day without having to go crazy!

1. Inform your boss

You might not disclose your wedding date to your extended family and friends, but you need your boss to know about it as soon as your wedding date is fixed. After all, your boss is the one who will sanction your time off and leaves.

wedding planning %282%29

2. Reach work early

Rather than slogging off until late evening, it is better to start early. I made it a point to start my day early so that I could wrap up by early evening.This not only helped me get home on time but also made scheduling meetings with vendors in the evening easy.

3. Research in your free time

Rather than scrolling through social media, I suggest you utilize your time on researching on wedding vendors and setting up meetings with them. Trust me, this really helps avoid those extra hours on research at night-time.

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4. Hire a planner

Initially, I was a bit apprehensive and wanted to handle everything on my own But slowly, I realised that this was not feasible. Hiring a wedding planner was one of the most sensible things I did. The times when I was not available to meet/talk to vendors, my planner was there, which definitely made things easier.

5. Parlour appointments 

In between the wedding planning craziness, I did not want my hair and skin to suffer. I made it a point to visit the parlour every Saturday for either a hair spa, facial or a manicure/pedicure session. This not only helped in getting that coveted bridal glow but also helped in unwinding and getting some time away from the wedding stress.

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6. Delegate duties

As much as I wanted to be a part of everything, I realised that it was not possible to do everything on my own. I could not be available at two different places at the same time and thus, decided to delegate duties to make things easier and faster!

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7. Make time for exercise 

No matter what, I always tried to squeeze in an hour either in the morning or in the evening to sweat it out in the gym. I did not want to ignore my health in between all the wedding planning, and thus somehow planned to visit it at least 3 times a week.

wedding planning %284%29 

8. Use travel time

Rather than listening to music while travelling, I started to use my travel time in making calls to vendors, search the net and make bookings for makeup trials.

9. Let your colleague take over 

During the planning phase, I realised that I could not always be available for client meetings because of my busy schedule. Therefore, I started to introduce my clients to my colleagues incase they were unable to get in touch with me. This really helped, as I successfully carried on both my work and other wedding related meetings successfully. 

10. Wedding email address 

I made a wedding email account. I gave a separate email address to all the wedding vendors and my planners for easy contact. This helped me keep my work emails and wedding planning related emails separate.

11. Things will fall in place 

There were times I used to freak out as things were getting too stressful. But at such times, it is important to keep faith in yourself and the ones close to you.Now that I am married, I realised that the whole wedding planning phase is quite fun. One should enjoy every moment of it and trust that everything else would automatically fall into place. 

14. Remember, the wedding is about you and him

In the end, it isn’t going to be about the perfect dress, the gorgeous décor or the fabulous food.  It is about you, him and your commitment to stay with each other through thick and thin.

Here’s Where To Put Your Money While Planning Your Shaadi!

Setting a budget can be one of the most painstaking tasks of wedding planning. But in between constant ‘advices’ and host of other choices, it is extremely crucial to consider what is important to you. Regardless of personal tastes and preferences, there are things that you should totally splurge on, and others that can be skimped on. While setting a wedding budget is definitely a relative choice and may differ from person to person, our ultimate save and splurge list will ensure that your wedding planning sessions are a bit easier!

What You Should Splurge On...

1. The Venue

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Image Source: Amaantra Decor

Whether you are hosting an intimate wedding in your own city or a grand destination wedding at an exotic location, your wedding venue is the most important aspect of your shaadi. Do not cut costs when choosing a venue and consider important elements such as space, services, hygiene among others before zeroing down.

2. Lighting & Decor

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Image Source: Noor Events

Many people tend to overlook the lighting and decor aspects of the wedding venue. And they usually rely on the tastes of the wedding decorater. Remember, lighting and decor arrangements can create an aura and mood and also make a major difference to your wedding photos. A good amount of money and research is important for your lighting and decor.

Pretty up your intimate sit down dinners with dreamy fairy lights available on Amazon for Rs 499.

3. Photography

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What is a wedding without great photographs? A good photographer knows what to capture and how to capture and guarantees you pictures that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Investing on a professional photographer and videographer would be one of the best investments. We are sure, you’d never regret this. Here’s a list of the most amazing photographers to follow on Instagram

4. Make-up Artist

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It’s not always about looking great in pictures! Sometimes, the way you feel is of utmost importance. And we are sure, you don’t want to be caught dead with caked up make-up on your wedding day! Do yourself a favour and hire a professional makeup artist after thorough research and recommendations. Remember, beauty does come with a price! Here’s a list of the most amazing makeup artists to follow on Instagram

A compact make-up kit like this will surely be handy for all those post wedding functions. Get it on Nykaa for Rs 3,500.

5. Good Food & Drinks

This should be a no brainer. Regardless of ‘hard to please’ guests, you certainly don’t want to disappoint yourself and others with a bad food spread. Go for food tastings and select a caterer who promises quality, hygiene and a spread that looks and tastes great. Here are some unique ideas to serve food at your wedding. 

6. Wedding Outfit

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Image Source: Gautam Khullar Photography

Your wedding outfit carries an emotional sustenance that cannot be put into words. Even though this might be the only time you’d wear it, make sure you choose nothing but the best. This can be totally optional though, and many people may have mixed thoughts on this one. But trust us, it’ll be worth it!

We’re loving this burnt orange maroon bridal lehenga by designer Ridhi Arora. Available on PerniasPopUpShop for Rs 250,000.

7. Honeymoon

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Who wouldn’t want a relaxing honeymoon escapade after all the wedding stress?! Do yourself a favour and check yourself into a swanky hotel at your dream destination. No stopping there, you totally deserve it!

What You Should Save on...

1. Invitations and Wedding Favours

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Sure, all guests love elaborately decorated wedding favours. But to us, they sometimes feel like an obligation rather than a token of love. Wedding favours can sometimes turn out to be extremely expensive, so if your budget does not permit, do not worry about it. Think of affordable yet thoughtful options. Here are some unique ideas you could check out. Same goes for invitations. Think offbeat, like a beautifully designed website or even an E-invite is perfect for your loved ones! 

Move over those costly wedding invites and create a free personalized wedding website on E Wedding!

2. Pre Wedding Beauty Packages

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All your aunties, relatives and even your friends could really pressurize you to opt for specialized bridal packages, but beware, do not fall into the beauty trap! And if you have sensitive skin, then such beauty treatments should better be avoided. Go for natural and homemade beauty treatments instead that don’t even irritate your pocket as much!

3. Trousseau Outfits

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This is a dark horse in all the wedding planning and can really make you overshoot your budget. Pick the few and necessary trousseau items that you need and stick to it. You never know when the shopping for all your post wedding functions can turn into a real financial disaster! Plus, trends change every season and who wants to be stuck with expensive outfits that are outdated.

A beautiful salwar set like this, would be perfect for all your post wedding functions. Get it on The Loom for Rs 9,599.

4. Entertainment

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While great music helps in setting the mood, you don’t really have to go overboard with fancy dance performances or live singers to ensure that your guests have a great time. A good DJ with some performances by the family members is good enough to get the party started. Trust us, you’ll thank us later!

5. Table Cloth & Cutlery

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While ‘attention to detail’ is a great characteristic to have, we suggest you don’t waste your money on exquisite tableware items, that can surely burn a hole in your pocket. Your guests will remember the food, not the cutlery! The cutlery you use could be basic, just make sure it’s nice and clean and you’re sorted. If you really do care about it, opt for fancy cutlery at one of the more intimate functions with fewer people. 

If all that talk just made you want to buy a cutlery set for your new home, then here’s a 24 piece set on Amazon for Rs 949 only! 

6. Floral Arrangements


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While flowers are everyone’s favourite decor item, they are also one of the most expensive part of the decor. In fact, flower arrangements could make for a huge chunk of your wedding budget. We suggest you experiment with other quirky decor elements such as paper flowers, fairy lights, kaleeras, mason jars… The list is endless! While this may not be possible for all the functions, you can totally do away with flowers for a function or two. Here are 9 amazing ideas for the decor if you want to avoid flowers. Btw, genda phool does not cost a bomb and will be perfect for your mehendi venue!

7. Wedding Planner

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This is quite a controversial decision.  As part of the current millennial, hiring a person or a group of professionals to organize your wedding might seem like an ideal choice, and you should totally, if you have the budget for it. But if you are looking to save some cash then you can enjoy playing the creator of your own wedding. Besides, if you’re obsessive about details and control, why give the rope to others?!

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