7 Common “Wedding Gifts” NOT To Give A Bride & Groom!

7 Common “Wedding Gifts” NOT To Give A Bride & Groom!

Choosing a wedding gift is not easy. Whether they are your family or good friends, a lot of thought should go into buying the gift that the couple will truly cherish and not throw into the huge pile of unused gifts. Whether it is lack of time or simply a matter of different tastes, but some guests really miss the mark sometimes and what ensues is the unpacking of a hilarious mess.

Inappropriate Wedding Gifts One Should Avoid Gifting

Here are a few hilarious or unsual wedding gifts brides and grooms have received, which definitely should be off your own list of gifting options. One should be avoiding these inappropriate wedding gifts to give to your dear onces on their wedding occasion.

1. Hideous Art

Some people miss the mark when it comes to art - by a long shot. It gets more terrible for the couple when they have truly different tastes in ‘art’ from the gifter. From embarrassing nude sculptures of bathing nymphs to huge plaster-of-paris knick-knacks,  unsual wedding gifts are full of these hilarious artistic catastrophes. Most of the time, they sit in storage, gathering dust.

2. Reused Gifts

Well, it does not take exceptional intelligence to spot a gift that has been ‘re-gifted’. The signs of having come out from someone's personal storage is written all over these gifts. Yet some people find it absolutely OK to keep passing on gifts they never used. What gives these gifts away? Could be anything from the dusty, faded look to the fact that they were too ugly to be used the first time. One couple actually found the original gift tag still attached to their gift. Ah, well.


3. Animals

Why? Just why would anyone gift a pup or a kitten to a couple on their wedding? And yet, it does happen. The world is full of strange gift givers. Do not gift a cute pup to a couple who are absolutely not prepared to take care of a pet. This goes for fish, too!

4. A Bouquet Of Fake Flowers

If you were trying to be eco-friendly, this is not the way to do so! Either gift them potted flowering shrubs or herbs or entirely refrain from the plastic ones. Those are too declasse, you know.

5. The Kamasutra

Yes, the ancient Indian sex and lifestyle manual. When close friends gift this book in bridal showers and bachelor parties it is hilarious. But when a cousin you have never really been close to gifts you this book with a wink, well, it can get pretty weird.

6. A Never-Ending Line Of Bedsheets

How many beds do you think they have? 

7. The 100th Dinner Set

It is perfectly normal to receive dinner sets during a wedding, but when the couple keeps on unpacking one after another until it seems like they have a hundred dinner sets in their hands, it can lead to a good bit of joking and fun between them. And it is pretty common I think. One should avoid gifting options as these are inappropriate wedding gifts to newly weds .

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