19 Thoughts Every Woman Has After She Has Great Sex

19 Thoughts Every Woman Has After She Has Great Sex

Ladies, it's tried, tested, and proven that a good sexcapade is not only beneficial for your reproductive health but god it feels good! It's about time we accept and more importantly, OWN all the moments that we have amazing sex. And just so that you can wholeheartedly agree with what I'm saying, here are some thoughts you're definitely having in your head after a great sex sesh with your man.

1. Oh my god. That. Was. Amazing!

1 great sex - gigi hadid surprised glasses

2. Lord, I am out of breath! Take that, cardio!

3. This feels heavenly. Is this what they call nirvana?

4. THAT orgasm was ear popping, man! I think my toes curled as I came! Whooooo!

4 great sex - natalie portman cheering

5. I think I can actually feel the endorphins rushing through my blood. Is that possible? Oh, the adrenaline feels so exhilarating.

6. Gotta catch my breath quicker. Ugh, I could definitely be more fit.

7. Wait. Was it great for him too? How do I know?

7 great sex - britney spears confused

8. Ooh, this is tricky, should I ask him if it was good for him? But he says it’s always great!

9. Was I moaning too loud? But I couldn’t help it, this was just so deliciously perfect!

10. I’m sure that was great for him. I’m going to let him catch his breath after all that romping.

10 great sex - ryan reynolds smirk

11. Everything is so sore, I am going to feel all of this in the morning tomorrow.

12. I hope it’s all good and safe down there, because THAT was some serious exercise and I don’t wanna risk spoiling this glorious feeling.

13. Speaking of which, where on earth is that condom? Gotta remind him to buy the same kind next time, ‘cause that sure as hell was “extra pleasurable”, alright!

13 great sex - brunette yes excited

14. Mamma mia, look at that ass, though. Boy, that booty be so fine! I got so lucky!

15. And all his moves were so on point. Trust him to be such a sexy beast in the sheets!

16. I am starving. I could legit eat everything in my kitchen right now and not even be sorry.

16 great sex - emma stone yum food

17. Is he hungry? Should I ask? We could definitely split a pizza and some garlic bread with extra cheese.

18. Aww look at him smiling like a goofball. How can one man be both sexy and cute at the same time?!

19. Aaand..I gotta pee.

19 great sex - lindsay lohan mean girls

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