7 Things Our Mothers Teach Us That No One Else Can

7 Things Our Mothers Teach Us That No One Else Can

Washington Irving once said, “A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us.” and he definitely got it right.

A mother is a million different roles played by one person. It’s the strength of hundred different individuals in the body of one. It’s a feat; one that God has blessed women alone with. Be it a homemaker, entrepreneur, titles don’t matter. What comes before it all is the role of being a mother. So, this article is dedicated to all the mothers out there who have - at some point, or the other - sacrificed, compromised and endured for their children.    

Here are seven things we, as daughters, learn from our strong and courageous role models!

1. You learn the importance of respecting yourself

She teaches you to respect yourself and never let anyone take you for granted. It could be at work, in school, or college; she will teach you how to let go. A strong mother believes that relationships are nurtured only because of mutual respect and love, and she enables you to imbibe those values.


2. You are responsible for your own happiness

She has taught you how to be happy on your own - by finding it within. She’s made sure that you’re emotionally strong and don’t let yourself feel upset, unhappy or bogged down by societal pressures, teenage drama, troubled relationships or anything at all. Your mother has always been the go-getter and has wanted you to be accountable of your happiness, from the very start.

3. You almost never second guess yourself

Once you’ve made a decision, she wants you to stick by it. She wants you to be self-confident, clear and positive about the important decisions you make for yourself. Be it your career, following your passion or leaving a long relationship, she has taught you to never doubt your instinct. A mother who sticks to her word will always want her children to also reflect that.


4. You know that your Independence is vital

In any relationship, be it your relationship with her or anyone else. She taught you the importance of being independent and self sufficient. Monetary independence, physical independence or emotional independence… it’s because of her that you value and treasure this more. You realize the value of giving everyone their space and you’ve been raised to be self sufficient.

5. You understand that patience is rewarding

You know the importance of this life lesson only because you have seen your mother being rewarded for her patience. Be it at a job she always wanted, a dream she wanted to fulfil, a sore relationship she wanted to mend or just a recipe she wanted to perfect. Your mother has taught you that strength is about doing what you aspire again and again till you achieve it. She nurtures you to patiently overcome the hurdles and see the light at the end of the tunnel.


6. You know how essential it is to say ‘No’

‘Say ‘yes’ more often’ is a quote we’ve all heard a lot of times and almost all our childhood. Saying yes is a great thing and your mother taught you that trying new things and experimenting is essential. But she never forgot to stress on the value of saying ‘No’. No to disrespect, no to being taken for granted, no to getting hurt by the people you love and to saying no to things you’re not morally comfortable with. A mother who believes that it’s alright to say ‘No’ always teaches her children its value.

7. You learn to love fearlessly

A strong woman teaches you to give, love and learn fearlessly. That’s what mothers do. She knows the feeling of having butterflies in your stomach when you look at that someone special. She has taught you to love with all your heart, even if it doesn’t end up like you imagined. But, she has also made you strong enough to pick yourself back up if the love you’ve given out doesn’t come back to you. She has mastered the principle of ‘give it your all, or give it nothing at all’! And she’s taught you to do the same.


If you resonate with even one of these things, go give your mother a tight hug and squishy kiss to thank her for being the awesome sauce woman she is!

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