The Naughty Girl's Guide To A Striptease

The Naughty Girl's Guide To A Striptease

Even if my man has seen me naked umpteen times, the allure of a good striptease doesn’t allude him. Nothing turns him on like seeing me in a sexy dress, going for a night out. Knowing full well that when we’re back at night, I’ll be like his best birthday present, waiting to be unravelled. What he likes even better, is me doing the honours. A striptease is not just about the obvious titillation, I like taking charge in bed and also, I love dancing. On the note of that double whammy, here’s my guide to a naughty, naughty striptease!

There’s no such thing as too much lingerie

I don’t know about you but even a tad bit of lace on my underwear makes me feel like a freaking goddess. Every time I have found myself too hot to resist so has he. No matter what your body type, a stellar pair of bra and knickers will always give you that extra confidence to step out of your comfort zone and give him the experience of a lifetime. So, choose your basics wisely and when in doubt, black is always a colour that’ll come through for you.

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Set the scene

Make this a well-executed surprise. So, get them scented candles handy, put on some slow, sultry music and dim the lights of your room for the both of you to get in the mood. Sometimes your surroundings can just transform your experience and take it several notches higher.

Have a plan in mind

Do you have a choreography or routine in mind? Do you need props for it or does it involve rearranging the furniture of your living room? Ladies, you don’t have to step out of your comfort zone to make your man happy. But if you are feeling just a tad bit shy, just have that shot of vodka and get the party started.

Keep up with that eye contact

In the bedroom, striptease is definitely the kind of foreplay that’ll get you hot and heavy before you know it. But it is also about having that special connection with your partner, so I make sure to not get very carried away with my choreography and maintain eye contact. This is just to know that he is enjoying himself as much as I am.

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You know what’s sexy? Consent!

Going with the flow is great, but do break from the stupor and ask him - “Is it okay? Can I go on?” Because you are doing the strip tease for him, he needs to be equally on board with what’s happening.

Trust your intuition

Everyone gets turned on by different things, so when it comes to your partner - think about what you’d enjoy the most if you were in his place. When in doubt, flick that gorgeous mane of yours and swing to the rhythm. This might just become your go-to tantalising move!

Go ahead, seize the day ladies!

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