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How To Deal With Your Horrible Hangover This Party Season!

How To Deal With Your Horrible Hangover This Party Season!

The wedding season is here, accompanied by holiday parties and the long awaited New Year's Eve countdown. What does this translate to? Basically truck loads of alcohol, WAY more than your body is equipped to handle. But partying hard is your basic human right and nobody can take that away from you. Instead, I found a way to make your morning-afters better! If there is one thing we all hate about going way over our alcohol limit is the dry-throated, sandpaper tongue feeling that hits you when you wake up the next morning. So here are 8 easy ways to fix your holiday hangover.

1. Stay Hydrated

Keep water by your bedside and try having at least 2-3 glasses before passing out from your exhausting night. Also, have a bottle once you wake up, you’re bound to get dehydrated from all the drinking and this is the best way to cure the hangover.

01 hangover

2. Eat A Good Breakfast

A healthy breakfast will take you a long way. Eggs, toast, oats and waffles work fabulously in curing your hangover. Just avoid junk and greasy food, that’ll aggravate your aching. So no pizza, bacon or fried morning-after snacks. 

3. Get Enough Sleep

Make sure you pass out and stay asleep for enough time, to let your body recover. And if you can afford to take a day off then by all means go back to bed once you’ve had your breakfast!

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4. Sweet Sodas

Sprite and other aerated drinks help get the body’s sugar levels up. You could also try a range of energy drinks. Though the effect isn’t magical, they do make a difference.

5. Coconut Water To The Rescue

This works wonders for you, it has everything your body needs - from calcium to vitamin C, you will thank me for this one.

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6. Alka-Seltzer

These aren’t easily available in India but this dissolvable tablet cures hangover headaches instantly. Order one online for those emergency situations.

7. Cup Of Joe

Coffee is a subjective hangover cute, if you are someone who regularly drinks coffee then it’ll work for you but if you’re going to chug down a mug of coffee after 15 days on an empty stomach. Do not!

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8. Ginger

Hangovers usually are accompanied by an upset stomach, ginger helps fix that problem. So if you aren’t a coffee person, sip on some yummy ginger tea instead the next morning.