#MyStory - The First Time I Had Sex All Day!

#MyStory - The First Time I Had Sex All Day!

What’s love without physical chemistry? Similarly, lust can’t exist absolutely independent of love. To each his own, actually. For me, love and lust are co-dependent. One cannot exist without the other. Having said that, I have been very experimental with sex and for me, it just gets comfortable each day of being in love. Hence, with time, me and my partner got really really experimental with sex.

2 months into a comfortable relationship, with whatever time we had in our hands, we would utilise it to spend good quality time together (and to get naughty in between the sheets).

Even though we both lived with our parents, we were sneaky (and smart) enough to find some time with each other. Being so regular with sex, we never saw the dry spell coming and didn’t really know what to do when it was here.

It had been a while and we both didn’t quite get the time to snuggle and spend all day in bed. And for regulars, we weren't quite liking the current scenario. Blame it on our super busy schedules for that week. So, we just decided to take a break from work and everything just to spend some time together. Having sex was definitely on the menu but we were more concerned about spending some time away from the city noise and pollution.

first time I had sex all day inside

Lucky for us, we both loved to explore beautiful properties outside of Delhi and chose one of the most beautiful and silent ones in Neemrana. The beautiful fort, wine and some great music, all in the day. Well, what more do you need? Call me crazy but the view and feel was right out of a Sanjay Leela Bhansali set. Hence while we were at it, he asked me to dance with him on our favourite song by Frank Sinatra - the way you look at me tonight. It was one of the most romantic afternoons we ever spent.

Needless to say, romance made way to great sex and we were so much in the moment that we just didn’t stop all afternoon and before we knew it, it was evening and the fort was beautifully lit. We didn’t want to stop but did for a couple of more drinks and were back at it again. It was one of the most romantic sexcation I ever had and even when I look back today, I know it was the best!

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