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#WCW: The Chic Young Star We Found While Style Stalking On Instagram!

#WCW: The Chic Young Star We Found While Style Stalking On Instagram!

Almost everyone can look good when you have a board of stylists at your beck and call to put together a perfect look. But it is rather rare to see a young starlet voice out her own style in the world of fashion and make it work! The Young and The Restless actress and singer Zendaya is definitely one of those rare gems who has been on our radar for awhile now! Even though she always slays with her offbeat red carpet looks, it is her BTS fashion secrets that we truly wish to crack! After all, it's not everyday that a young fashionista like her opens her own size inclusive clothing line to such universal acclaim by the internet verse!

Zendaya is fun, smart and fashionable and here are 7 of her personal style statements (sans a stylist!) that we uncracked for the long haul wardrobe inspiration!

1. Staying True To Your Body Type


A post shared by Zendaya (@zendaya) on

The slender actress has always been an advocate of body positivity on both ends of the spectrum. Whether you are plus size or petite, dressing according to your body type is crucial if you wish to look stylish. Her form-fitting all-black ensemble seen here is absolutely stunning!

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2. Using Wardrobe For Artistic Expression


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As a singer, Zendaya’s use of clothing to express her craft and showcase a free-spirited and fun personality is something we can pick up on. Her Nina Simone tee paired with a classic leather jacket and blue jeans is a pretty simple combination, yet the ensemble looks completely unique with her eccentric touch.

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3. Going With “Less Is More”


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We love Zendaya’s minimalistic approach towards everyday style. As evidenced by her clothing line, comfort and badassery are top priority for this fashionable millennial. Her choice of sticking to basics is a great alternative to when you wish to look stylish even while lazing around.

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4. The Appreciation For Her Heritage


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The daughter of an African- American father, the actress has always made a point to represent her cultural heritage in her personal style. From her gorgeous dreadlocked mane to her multi-coloured Zimbabwean avatar we see here, it is definitely a class move to personify her ethnic roots!

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5. Putting A Twist On Viral Trends


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When the denim on denim trend took off at the beginning of the year, we saw everybody who is anybody sport the look. One of our top faves was this rendition by Zendaya wherein, as opposed to other wearing two denim separates, she added an extra layer of a denim shirt to the ensemble. Effortless!

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6. Stand Out Or Move Aside!


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What better way to channel a young and restless spirit than to throw in pops of colour to your otherwise tonal outfits! We love this unconventional tone of electric blue combined with the 80s flared pants, this garb is truly a beaut!

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7. Walk The Walk


A post shared by Zendaya (@zendaya) on

Lately, feminist fashion has been catching traction mainly due to all the high profile names associating their names with the cause. One of them is Zendaya, who not only is outspoken on social media about such issues, but incorporates her beliefs in her outfits! No wonder she can look like a baller in a pair of jeans and tee or a dressy MET gown!

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Published on Nov 8, 2017
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