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You Won’t Believe The Weird Ingredients Of Your Fave K-Beauty Products!

You Won’t Believe The Weird Ingredients Of Your Fave K-Beauty Products!

K-beauty hit our lives sometime last year and our skincare regime has never been the same! From adding an ‘E’ (it stands for essence) to the usual CTM, and making Saturday nights about sheet masks, Korean beauty cannot be ignored. With their ageless faces and their porcelain skin, the 10-step regime might be tedious but definitely leads to great results. But I’m often caught off-guard with the weird ingredients I see when indulging in Korean skincare. Here are a few that really intrigued me beyond belief!

1. Snail Mucus

1. korean beauty

I wanted to give this point a swanky name, but nope, this is what you get. Snail mucus is produced when snails are under stress. According to studies, it is known to have properties that could regenerate wounded tissues leading, hence, aiding the anti-ageing process. My question is, how do I stress a snail out so it can help me get rid of my wrinkles? Well thankfully COSRX Advanced Snail 92 All-in-One Cream and MIZON All In One Snail Repair Cream are taking care of that and all I have to do is take care of my skin!

2. Horse Oil

2 korean beauty

If you are eating something I suggest you put it down for this one. As the name suggests, this ingredient is made from horse fat (you read that right). It contains linolenic acid which is known to have anti-inflammatory properties also helps repair the natural barriers of your skin. I don’t know if I would like this on my skin honestly, BUT there’s no harm if you’d like to try it. Just make sure you buy it from a credible seller. I would recommend Guerisson 9-Complex Horse Oil Cream.

3. Bee Venom

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This one is a little acceptable, only because snake venom made it into facials and other beauty treatments a while ago. The bee venom increases blood circulation, gently plumping out and firming the skin, filling and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. I would understand if you’d want to put this on your face though, I mean it’s not like the bees are actually stinging our faces...RIGHT? Well, give Benton Snail Bee High Content Lotion a whirl.

4. Pig Collagen

4 korean beauty

Animal excreta, fat and NOW porcine collagen. Seriously, Korean women are so hardcore! If you love pork, this is another way you can use it (I know it’s not the same but I do not know what I am supposed to be saying here). Extracted from pig skin, porcine collagen can help plump the skin, smoothen out wrinkles, and reduce the size of pores. If you’re feeling fancy though you can try the Pure Farm Pig Collagen Jelly Cream.

5. Salmon Roes

5 korean beauty

Do you like salmon? What about caviar? Well, now you can put it on your face. Salmon roes that you would usually find accompanying sushi are used by South Koreans to combat fine lines dark spots and rough skin. Besolbo claims their Royal Salmon Egg Sleeping Pack fast tracks hydration with its high vitamin and mineral content. It looks like tiny eggs and you’re supposed to use 2 eggs in the morning and 3 at night (yes, you count them!). Looking at this product itself makes me feel like a diamond-hoarding, gown-clad diva, eating caviar!

6. Placenta

6 korean beauty

Nope, I was as shocked as you are right now. We’ve heard it from Kim K (she consumed her placenta that was freeze-dried and made into a pill, after giving birth), and research shows it too-- our skin doesn’t renew as fast as we’d like as we grow older. The placenta contains powerful stem cells which are well regarded for their healing and repairing abilities. Using 45% placenta extract, Mizon Placenta 45 Anti Wrinkle Serum delivers the highest amount of nutrients directly to cells in order to stimulate skin renewal.

Well if I wasn’t completely sure, I am now-- Korean women are COMPLETE boss women! What do you think? Which of these would you like to try? Tell us in the comments’ below!

Published on Nov 17, 2017
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