#FashionDiaries: The First Time I Wore A Thong It Felt Uncomfortable, But Only For A While

#FashionDiaries: The First Time I Wore A Thong It Felt Uncomfortable, But Only For A While

My obsession with lingerie started when I was about 18 years old, when I wore my first thong. I was introduced to the enticing world of Victoria’s Secret by an older cousin when I was in 12th standard. So my cousin who is 5 years older and very ‘American’ came to visit me over the summer holidays and got me a copy of the American Vogue. Now, I don’t exactly remember who was in the photograph - I think it was Candice Swanepoel (who’s my current favourite) but this picture totally blew me away! She was beautiful and so was her underwear! I mean, I was so fascinated by this particular picture that I decided to buy what she was wearing. Being the sweet innocent child that I was, I asked my mother if I could have a thong. My mom had no idea what that was but when I showed her the picture, she was scandalised! She told me I was too young to wear such clothes but I was adamant! I threw a tantrum which ended up with my mom telling my sister not to give me such fashion magazines as I was apparently too young!

But as luck would have it, the following winter, I went on a holiday to the USA with my aunt. There my sister took me to the Victoria’s Secret store in San Francisco! The minute I stepped into the store, I literally went crazy! It was the most beautiful store I had ever seen and everything was pink and gold. Imagine my plight when I saw that beautiful girl’s black lace thong just hanging right in front of my eyes on a mannequin. I knew I had to get that. It was expensive but I got it anyway. I was really excited to get back home and show my friends the rare jewel that I just bought.  

Finally, my holiday was over and a very happy and proud kid came back home! I remember calling my friends over to show them the thong, which became quite famous! My mom gave me a good verbal lashing for wasting so much money and told me that this type of underwear is not for kids and I might get an infection! Nonetheless, the next day I wore the thong to my dance class. One of the girls came up to me and asked me if I had forgotten to wear underwear. I was a little shocked at first but then she told me that there were no panty lines and that my butt was out! Only then I realised that there was a thing called ‘panty lines’ and that they should be invisible!

I must confess that I was extremely uncomfortable as the thong kept getting stuck in between you-know-where and I could literally feel my underwear. But I got used to it and trust me, now I have an enviable collection of elegant and lacy thongs.  

So the first time I wore a thong - it was weird in a satisfying way. However, ladies, you must know this - a thong might be uncomfortable initially but you’ll get used to it eventually. Be careful when you wear bright coloured thongs and make sure to avoid pairing it with sheer or white clothing. But thongs are fun, chic and makes you feel incredible. So, it’s time you got one for yourself if you haven’t already. This PrettySecrets Women Black Lace Thongs (Rs 399) from Myntra is an absolute steal.  

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