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7 *Easy* Steps To Maintain Your Hair Colour For The Wedding & After!

7 *Easy* Steps To Maintain Your Hair Colour For The Wedding & After!

Got your hair coloured for the wedding and can’t stop admiring yourself in the mirror?! While they look great, coloured hair also require a lot more care and attention. It actually hurts when you spend all that money on your gorgeous tresses and see the colour fading away for no fault of yours. Well, turns out that there are a few basic things you can do to maintain your hair colour and keep it looking fabulous for longer. A little extra attention and a few changes in your hair care routine will make all the difference. Read on to find out...

1. Do not wash your hair for at least three days after colouring them

1 maintain your hair colour getting hair coloured 

When your hair is coloured, the cuticle layer is opened for the colour to get absorbed properly. That layer takes at least three days to fully close. If you wash your hair before that, the hair colour will just wash off and go down the drain (literally!). So, give the colour some time to get soaked into your hair shaft to make it last longer.

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2. Avoid hot showers

Let’s just say that this is necessary not just when you have coloured hair, but otherwise too. Very hot water opens up your cuticle, giving way to your pretty colour. You should always use room temperature water to wash your hair. The next step is to apply conditioner and then wash it with cold water to seal the cuticle ends. This will help lock in the colour and thus make it last longer. Hot water is not just bad for the hair, but it also makes your skin dry. So, it’s best avoided, isn’t it?

3. Use sulphate-free shampoos and conditioners

Sulphate is an ingredient used in many personal care products like shampoos, conditioners, body wash and face wash. But just because it’s a part of all these products doesn’t mean it’s good for your skin or hair. The only reason it makes it to the ingredient list is because it gives the product a foaming effect. By using sulfate-laden shampoos, you don’t just strip your hair of natural oils and moisture, but also the colour. Instead, use a sulphate-free shampoo to show your precious locks some love.

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4. Use a dry shampoo when possible!

 4 maintain your hair colour dry shampoo

The lesser you wash your hair, the better it is for your colour. Washing your hair too often strips your hair of the natural oils while a little bit of your hair dye fades away with every wash. Wash your hair 2-3 times a week depending on how oily your scalp is. You can use a colour-safe dry shampoo on off days, which will give your hair a refreshed look without causing any colour damage.

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5. Use a thermal protectant when using styling tools

This will protect your tresses against heat damage from styling tools. We already told you that heat is bad for your hair. Therefore, you should avoid using heat-based styling tools as much as you can. But, on occasions when you just cannot avoid heat styling your hair, use a thermal protectant to shield them from any hair and colour damage.

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6. Avoid deep conditioning for a while

We agree that hair masks and deep conditioners are great for your locks, otherwise. But on the downside, when the conditioner goes too deep into the hair follicle, it takes away the hair dye when rinsed. As a result, your hair colour fades. It’s better to use normal conditioners with coloured hair and avoid any deep root conditioning for a while. Beauty comes at a price, yeah?

Don’t use deep conditioning, but nobody said anything about normal conditioners, right? The Matrix OptiCare Smoothing Conditioner will give all the care and love to your hair! It’s available on Nykaa for Rs 239.

7. Cover your hair when going out in the sun

 7 maintain your hair colour sun protection

Sun damage is a real thing for hair too! And coloured hair is more prone to damage by the harsh sun. It fades away the hair dye and your hair loses it’s sheen. Whenever you have to step out in the sun, make sure you cover your hair with a scarf or carry an umbrella with you. You could also use a hair protecting serum with SPF to make sure your tresses get all the care and protection.

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