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7 Ways You Can Travel Light And Still Stay Stylish!

7 Ways You Can Travel Light And Still Stay Stylish!

‘Excess baggage’ - two words that can annoy the heck out of any seasoned traveller and ruin the whole trip you’ve been looking forward to. Fortunately, we’re here to give you some quick gyaan on how to travel light and still look flawlessly stylish for your Instagram vacay pictures!

1. Look up the weather!

This is the most important and often neglected bit of travelling. One quick look at Google for the weather conditions to wherever you are going can save you a lot of time, effort, and hassle of packing things you are not going to need.

It’s equally important to safeguard your valuables from bad weather and potential theft at all times. Invest in this Urban Tribe Capetown Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack (made of waterproof fabric) for Rs 799.

1 travel light - check weather

2. Research your hotel

Some hotels provide their guests with more than just the basic amenities such as personal grooming devices, and dry cleaning services, which you can make use of and hence forego items like hairdryers, bathrobe and towels. Isn’t that a load off?

3. Mix ‘n’ match your wardrobe

Stick to absolute basic bottoms and experiment with tops. For example: one pair of denims and a pair of trousers can be paired with various kinds of top and shirts that you can interchange over the course of your trip. Same goes for shoes; pick one pair for casual wear, one for formal wear and one pair of sneakers for your ultimate comfort.

An absolute must-have in every woman’s wardrobe for her go-to staple look is this U.S.Polo Assn. Women's Jeggings for Rs 1,424.

3 travel light - mix match wardrobe

4. Roll, not fold

You can save space in our luggage and protect fabric by simply rolling clothes when you pack them instead of folding them, as this will make room for more items in your bag. This method also prevents the clothes from getting wrinkled inside the bag.

Become the master of the ultimate suitcase space saver with this Vacuum Compressed Space Saver Storage Bags (Set of 6) for Rs 899.

5. Scarves - your best multi-purpose travel friends!

The blessing of scarves is that they can double up as multiple accessories. You can cover yourself when you get the chills, tie it around your waist for a funky belt, use it to cover your head in places of worship, and pair it with any outfit for an extra oomph!

Don’t look any further than these gorgeous Weavers Villa Soft PolyCotton Set Combo of 10 Scarves for Rs 890.

5 travel light - scarves

6. One single carry-on bag

Nope, definitely not kidding. Find a bag with measurements accepted by all airlines and set yourself the task of fitting everything you need to carry, in that bag. For a more thorough packing process, pack up completely and become a tourist in your own city for a day. By the end of the day, you will have a fair idea of what you’ve forgotten to include in it and what you can do without!

Vacations are impossible without the loving companionship of a sturdy carry-on bag like the Skybags Footloose Softsided Carry-On for Rs 3,197.

7. Get rid of your ‘just-in-case’ items

This includes that one pair of heels you never wore, the fancy but mildly uncomfortable bra you bought on a whim, or the large hat you know you looked great in when you checked yourself out at the store but now is just inconvenient. Instead, buy a hat once you reach your destination. Because, c’mon, we cannot deny you the pleasure of wearing a hat for that #InstaReady look!

7 travel light - too many hats

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