Planning A Destination Wedding? Here Are Some Pros & Cons That You Must Read!

Planning A Destination Wedding? Here Are Some Pros & Cons That You Must Read!

Mountains or beaches? A heritage or a hip location? Udaipur or Goa? Most people tend to be confused about where they want to organize a dream destination wedding. But, you know what, before picking a destination and going ahead with the planning (which is crucial, TBH), you need to be keep in mind all the pros and cons of such weddings. Here are 9 essential positives and negatives you need to consider when it comes to destination weddings.

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1. Perfect for couples who want an intimate wedding

We all have a bunch of relatives who we’ve hardly ever met, right? For those of you who are totally against calling such people for your wedding, a destination wedding is the perfect choice for you. You don’t have to forcefully invite anybody, and in any case, even if you do, chances are they will not turn up. So yay!

2. They can be more cost-effective

2 destination wedding cost effective

It entirely depends on the scale of the wedding that you’re planning, but it’s a possibility to save cost at a destination wedding. This is because all your functions will be held in one place, as against multiple venues with varied costs. Also, you can choose not to arrange flight/transport for your guests.

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3. There are fewer delays because everything is in one place

Since the location remains same for all the functions AND since all the people attending those functions do not have to travel to the venue, the itinerary will not be very disturbed. There will be lesser delays and things will run much more smoothly as compared to a local wedding.

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4. You can easily avoid stressful situations and relatives

4 destination wedding irritated deepika padukone

Since the wedding will be held in a different city, you have all the right reasons to avoid irritating relatives who have a reputation for creating problems at all family functions (yes, that one mamaji who always complains of not being given due attention, or that chachi who always says the food wasn’t good). Also, since such people will be missing from your wedding, you will be able to avoid messy situations.

5. A great opportunity for all the guests to bond with each other

A destination wedding in the family is exciting for two reasons - one, because it’s a wedding, obviously. Second, that it is a legit excuse to enjoy a getaway with family and friends. It helps people take a break from their monotonous lives and thus enjoy it a lot more than a local wedding.

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1. People important to the couple might also give it a miss

1a destination wedding sad girl

Yes, this is a possibility. Everybody has different priorities and commitments, which might prevent them from joining you in the festivities. It might be a work issue like leave problems or an important meeting, a health issue or even a prior family commitment. In any such case, people who matter might have to give the wedding a miss even if they really want to attend it.

2. Coordination might be a problem

In some cases, yes it might be a problem to coordinate everything. Wedding planners have made it very easy to plan destination weddings, but coordination with the guests might pose a problem if the location is a bit far off or away from the city.

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3. Lack of support from some relatives

3a destination wedding irritated girl with a woman

Your friends and family might be excited about the whole idea, but some of your relatives might create issues which will only bring negativity into the scenario. There really is no way to avoid that, so you must learn to ignore. All the people who really care about you will figure out a way to join you on the most special event of your life, so don’t worry.

4. Taking your vendors out of station is highly expensive

You will have to shell out a lot more money if you want to take the vendors of your choice with you to the destination. You should always hire local vendors in such cases, more because they’ll have a better understanding of the location and also have better connections in the area. But, hiring local vendors can be a task in an unknown city. So, you’ll have to consider that too.

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Now that you know of all the advantages and disadvantages, make an informed decision and go plan your dream wedding!

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