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17 GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up What Monday Feels Like. Hint: It’s Not Pretty!

Krithika Madhavan

Senior Features Writer

You know how weekend spells h-a-p-p-i-n-e-s-s? Similarly, Monday spells d-e-a-t-h for most people. From a student to a person who works, everyone hates the beginning of the week because it is the end of the weekend. So, hoping it will resonate with everyone of you, we have listed down a some of the feelings we have, that are only too real, to tell you that you are not alone!

1. It starts on Sunday afternoon when you realise the weekend is almost over!

1 feelings you have every Monday kuch kuch hota hai

To help you get through this tough time, we have a pack of Chocolates (374) to make your day!

2. Then comes Sunday evening when everyone around you goes on about starting Monday with a bang (but deep down you know what’s really going to happen)!

2 feelings you have every Monday girl annoyed

3. Before you know it, the infamous Monday morning is here, with the alarm ringing and just like that, your nightmare is now your reality… and your worst enemy!

3 feelings you have every Monday glimore girls

Maybe get yourself an alarm clock that sounds less obnoxious in the morning? I mean the least thing you need is an alarm that makes you want to die in your sleep. So get your hands on this amazing LED alarm (Rs 342)

4. But you decide to suck it up and leave the house with this look on your face… ‘Cause, you know, Monday is definitely out to get you.

4 feelings you have every Monday k3g

5. So, you resort to your favourite thing in the whole world to help make Monday seem slightly less monstrous - Coffee (what would we ever do without you?)!

5 feelings you have every Monday girl having coffee

Literally the best coffee that helps hit the right spot in your head is Davidoff coffee (Rs 618). So, go buy it now.

6. Doesn’t this warm beverage make you feel like you can take on the world? Eh, maybe Monday is not so bad after all...

6 feelings you have every Monday karan johar

7. And then the world knows you’re ready because the caffeine rush be kicking in!

7 feelings you have every Monday juhi chawla

For some people, a better choice than coffee is  hot chocolate  (Rs 548)

8. But then, reality strikes and you realise that you were born to struggle and slog in this harsh world. I mean look at the way you get pushed around by people, football league players be damned!

8 feelings you have every Monday rani mukherjee

9. And when someone tries to talk to you even in the sweetest of tone…

9 feelings you have every Monday k3g

Your best friend at times like these could be a pair of really comfy noise-cancelling earphones (Rs 999) to keep people at bay.

10. But, you realise that you’re not being fair and tell yourself that it’s just a day  

10 feelings you have every Monday hema malini

11. And you make a little pact with yourself to be nice to everyone and have a good day!

11 feelings you have every Monday girl handshake

To feel a little better, fidget around with this amazing fidget spinner (Rs 145)

12. But, wait on! You really don’t know what’s happening anymore!

12 feelings you have every Monday

13. And then you sit there, in silence, lost in your thoughts, just waiting for the day to end already… or apocalypse to hit - whichever comes sooner. It’s all the same, really.

13 feelings you have every Monday alia bhatt

14. And, finally, you see that the day is, indeed, drawing to a close. Yes, a miracle is in the making. You’re going to make it!

14 feelings you have every Monday sonam kapoor

15. Just a little longer before it’s time to walk out of work, like a boss!

15 feelings you have every Monday ranveer singh

16. And you enter home like the diva you know you are…

16 feelings you have every Monday helen

17. Only to realise you have to get back to the grind again, tomorrow…

17 feelings you have every Monday kareena kapoor

GIFs: Giphy

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Published on Oct 23, 2017
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