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I Wore Different Eye Looks Everyday, And Here Are The Reactions I Got!

I Wore Different Eye Looks Everyday, And Here Are The Reactions I Got!

On most days, I like to keep things sweet and simple. With my 10-minute make-up routine, I’d never think of waking up earlier to try something new or experiment with new looks. So, when I was approached for a different eyeliner look challenge, I knew it going to be both fun and taxing. Here’s what happened as well as what people around me had to say!

Day 1: Rectangular Brown Eyeliner

1 eye make up look

I kept the first day very simple, I didn’t want to shock myself or the people around me with dramatic changes. This one didn’t evoke as much of a reaction at all, except an occasional, ‘Oh! you have something on your eye! It looks nice’. Personally, I thought the eyeliner was too thick for my face.

What I used: L.A. Girl Eyeliner Pencil - Medium Brown (Rs 213); Colorbar All-Matte Eyeliner - Matte Brown 002 (Rs 700)

Day 2: Electric blue vibes

2 eye make up look

This one used to be a favourite look of mine when I was in college. I was a huge fan of coloured eyeliner and teal and bright blue were definitely my favourites. I piled on the blue and this time definitely people noticed that I put in some sort of an effort. I met a couple of my friends after work for coffee and they asked me why I looked so fancy, just because of the bright shimmery blue. All in all, nothing groundbreaking.

What I used: Maybelline New York Hyper Glossy Electrics Eyeliner - Electro-Shock (Rs 300)

Day 3: Blush tones

3 eye make up look

Okay, this one took some courage. While coloured eyeliner has been my thing, I’ve never tried yellow or orange for that matter. I felt like my eyes looked like I had too much happening and I felt like keeping my outfit extremely subtle because this was SO bright and pink! Surprisingly no one even gave it a second glance until I brought their attention to it. If you can’t find an eyeliner you can use a lip liner or your fave liquid lipstick with an eyeliner brush. Towards the end of the day, I actually started liking it.

What I used: NYX Professional Makeup Faux Blacks Eyeliner - Oxblood (Rs 525); SUGAR Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick - 04 Plum Yum (Rs 499)

Day 4: Chalky white eyeliner

4 eye make up look%281%29

I would be lying if I said this was interesting or if I even liked it. I did not want to do this one bit, but you make a commitment and you follow through. White chalky eyeliner has been HUGE on the ramp and I thought I could manage. Both friends and strangers did a double take pausing to stare at me. I felt like having to explain that this was a project I was doing for work and I really didn’t like it so much. I took it off during the day at some point. Never. Again.

What I used: NYX Professional Makeup Retractable Eye Liner - White (Rs 725)

P.S. This is great underneath a bright colour eyeliner, it will make the colour pop.

Day 5: Glossy lids

5 eye make up look

By now, I had run out of ideas. I was just going through Pinterest and suddenly came across about 10 pictures of glossy lids. I have always liked the look and me being a gloss junkie, I had to try it. I took a pink gloss and just for extra shine I topped it off with a shimmery transparent gloss. I met a few friends with glossy eyes look and was asked if I had conjunctivitis! Personally, I LOVED IT! I really did like how it looked, and I would definitely be trying it again.

What I used: Bourjois New Effet 3D Lipgloss - 18 Rose Sunny (Rs 850); GlamGals Diamond Lipgloss - Clear Gloss (Rs 450)

Have you done any experiments lately? Do let me know about your experiences in the comments’ section!

Published on Oct 15, 2017
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