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10 Pretty Journals For The Dreamer In You

Nancy B. Varghese

Travel Writer

Did you know that in ancient times, even dried animal skin was used to write on, by man? Thankfully, in our world today, we keep in mind the sustainability of our resources and often use several alternatives to paper, including eco-friendly materials such as recycled cotton! We bring you a list of some unique and pretty journals you will want to buy, if you’re someone who loves to put pen to paper, either for inspiration or for just getting things done!

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Colourful Corals

Would you care to dive into the depths of your mind, and perhaps fish for a ‘Eureka!’ moment or two? This charming one is for all you serial doodlers out there!

The Wishing Chair

1 pretty journals   coral reef embroidered   the wishing chair

That Desi Swag

With a design inspired by Indian trucks and matchbox graphics, this journal even has a spine with a faux matchbox striker strip! Are you ready for your first lesson in the School of Cool?

Sky Goodies

2 pretty journals   matchbook notebook   sky goodies

Beautifully Bold

The word ‘ikat’ comes from the Malay word ‘megikat’ meaning to tie or bind. One of the oldest textile patterns in the world, Ikat art is aesthetically pleasing and of course, gives your journal the exclusivity that you’d love to be a part of!


3 pretty journals   dazzling ikat A6   kolorabia

Nocturnal Inspiration

Phones and laptops may drain off power, but the night-owl in you needs an outlet for all those late night ideas that may vanish at the break of dawn! You already know this is a keeper, so what are you waiting for?

Happily Unmarried

4 pretty journals   late night brown notebook   happily unmarried

Poetic Partner-In-Crime

If Robert Frost had a journal this perfect, maybe writing things down would take care of his promises and save walking all those ‘miles to go’ before he could sleep! (Bad joke, but a brilliant journal, though!)

The Souled Store

5 pretty journals   before i sleep   souled store

Feline Fashionable

Raise eyebrows and get some love from your friends, as they see Mr. Cat ooze charm and personality on the path to being the purr-fectionist kitty-cat that he is. Grab it right meow!

The Wishing Chair

6 pretty journals   mr cat notebook   wishing chair

Sleek and Sophisticated

Hardbound with Italian bookbinding paper and made from European paper from sustainable forests, this design is for those of you who prefer the no-nonsense handsome tones of a personal journal. Impressed already?

Origin One

7 pretty journals   hard bound   origin one

Globetrotter’s Secrets

Not all those who wander are lost, but we are not taking any chances here. Which is why this journal is perfect for your soul that loves to take offbeat paths and chart unmarked territories for the thrill of it all! Bon voyage!

Big Small

8 pretty journals   travel journal   big small

Old World Charm

Used best with a steaming cup of coffee and a day full of amazing possibilities, this red hardbound journal is your answer to “What can I accomplish today?” for moments of productivity you know you want to seize! Carpe diem!

Store Indya

₹299   ₹500   40% off
9 pretty journals   pocket diary notebook   store indya

Embossed Elegance

If you were a princess locked in an ivory tower, this would be your kickass journal where you could chalk all your escape plans because. Let’s face it,  you’ve never needed a knight in shining armour! Prince Charming, who?

Craft Play Handicraft

10 pretty journals   leather flower emboss diary   amazon
Published on Oct 12, 2017
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