11 Fashion Struggles EVERY Short Girl Goes Through!

11 Fashion Struggles EVERY Short Girl Goes Through!

For anyone who always has to stand on the countertop to grab something, you know what it’s like to be the ‘little one’ of the group. And there are so many struggles that follow! Even if you aren’t the baby of the group, we’re sure you know someone who is. Here are 11 fashion struggles of short girls, you’ll get if you’re one of us! Read on…   

1. New bottomwear always needs alteration

Jeans, trousers or even pyjamas - whatever we may buy, alteration follows.

But these trousers (Rs 2360.78)  from the petite section won’t need alteration!

2. Actually, almost everything needs alteration!

Perfect. That’s how we like to spend our weekends, right?

2 fashion struggles of short girls

3. Heels are our best friends

Since we wear them all the time, maybe that’s why our friends think we always look so well put together! Worth the pain, eh?

Here’s a pair of block heels (Rs 3,740) that’ll help you get through the season in style!

4. Friends always joke about us shopping from the kid’s section  

If only the kid’s section accounted for curves, we could actually use it!

4 fashion struggles of short girls

5. Wearing maxi dresses means they’ll be sweeping the floor…   

Did we hear alteration? AGAIN?

A maxi dress (Rs 899) like this one that ends right above the ankle, is perfect for you.

6. … But we can also use them as dresses

Well, this one’s a win win situation!  

6 fashion struggles of short girls

7. Crop tops are basically regular t-shirts

And we’re expected to keep up with trends? HOW?

Nonetheless, you can invest in this trendy crop top (Rs 999).

8. Shopping for gowns is a task!

Yes, because long dresses always tend to be taller than us.

8 fashion struggles of short girls

9. There is no such thing as cropped pants

Cropped pants are a myth. Unless we’re actually shopping from a brand that has a petite section, it’s not worth bothering.

These jeans (Rs 2360.54) from the ASOS petite section won’t disappoint you!

10. Wearing oversized clothes means drowning in fabric  

Talk about wearing comfortable clothes! *eye-roll*

10 fashion struggles of short girls  %281%29

11. We can’t borrow clothes from our friends…   

The one thing we’d love to do is raiding our bestie’s wardrobe. And it’s taken away from us! *Sigh*

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