10 Things You Will ONLY Get If You Work Weekends!

10 Things You Will ONLY Get If You Work Weekends!

Saturyay and Sunday Funday are not just Instagram captions anymore but also a resonating emotion for us working girls. In fact, most of us probably get a panic attack the minute we hear ‘working weekends.’ (you thought they were a myth, didn’t you?)

Most of us who actually work weekends gulp down our resentment with the morning coffee and wear the invisible cape of heroism back to our cubicles. But if you are right now sitting on your laptop procrastinating for a little while more (because c’mon it is a saturday!!) then you’ve come to the right place. While you don’t get the luxury of weekend holidays, you will definitely get these funny things, so read on and giggle away!

1. Unlike other people your heart does not swell up with rainbows and sunshine when you hear the word ‘weekend’

For real, it’s just a word!

But this cool framed poster from Postergully will definitely brighten up your desk! (Rs 799)

2. If you ever make it to a Friday night party, you’re out of there by 10 PM!

Because you know you need that 8 hour shut-eye!

2 working weekends - girl clapping cest la vie

3. Your weekend Instagram stories get as exciting as getting off early from work!

True story, right?

At least this phone cover from Propshop24 will show how #InstaFamous you really are! (Rs 590)

4. You can’t help but giggle like a maniac when people talk about funny things like work-life balance and casual Fridays…

Um, what’s that again?

5. Your friends and family just don’t understand why you can’t take the ‘day off!’

In reality, they just haven’t wrapped their head around the fact that you actually do work on the weekend.

Here's to plugging in some kickass Bose earphones and calming yourself down on all such days! (Rs 11,138)

5 working weekends - girl rolling eyess

6. None of your friends are free on the weekdays you get off…

...so you end up spending time with your work friends again!

7. You miss quite a few of your family functions!

Which really sucks sometimes but post 25, you’re actually kinda cool with it!

Wouldn't you rather just cuddle up with this Nap Queen coffee mug we found on Amazon?! (Rs 285)

8. You have to wait till Sunday to catch the movie that released on Friday…

…and you’re sort of only going for the popcorn because you’ve already read all the spoilers till then!

8 working weekends - here we go again

9. But you know daytime weekday grocery shopping is the best!!

They will never know the joy of queue-free tills!

Remember to carry this classy to-do list from Propshop24, lest you forget what you had to buy!

10. You can’t wait to share this with your work buddies because only they will truly get it!

Saturday’s looking up, eh?

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