10 Things You’ll Relate To If You Have Been In An *Almost* Relationship!

10 Things You’ll Relate To If You Have Been In An *Almost* Relationship!

“Friends? No, we’re a bit more. Lovers? No, we’re not that close.” That’s what an almost relationship is all about. It’s the period where all of it feels real – the emotions, the actions – but they aren’t yet official. If you’ve been in an almost relationship too, here are 10 things you’ll totally get!

1. Your friends teased you endlessly about him and secretly you enjoyed it too!

Even though you chided them for it, you blushed while doing so and that always gave you away. You wished to be in a relationship with him, but you didn’t want the world to know. For, what if he didn’t want the same?

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2. You would stay in touch with him all day long through texts and calls.

You’d share every little and every significant detail of your day with him and feel incomplete and anxious if he was busy with something else, almost as if he was your boyfriend!

3. When out with a group of friends, you loved the special attention you got from him

But the moment he had to introduce you to someone else, he’d fumble while calling you a friend and let it be at that.

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4. But you felt jealous when some other girl seemed to steal his attention from you!

Of course, neither of you made anything official, but in your heart, you both knew you were taken and were off limits to anyone else, at least for the moment.

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5. Every touch was intense. Every time he came close, you were already in anticipation of what would happen next.

In your mind, the kiss had happened already… and it was perfect!

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6. You would always read between his lines, statuses and captions – to get an inkling of what was happening between you two

If he wrote the lyrics of a romantic song, you’d wonder if he was thinking of you. If he told a joke about lovers you’d hope that maybe he was referring to you two? You’d forever try to establish your status through his words and actions.

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7. You were always grappling with, “Are we just friends or more?” “Should I ask him out or wait a bit more?”

The confusion was the absolute worst.

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8. You did really care about him and wanted things to become official with him, but something kept holding you back…

And that’s  why it never grew from an ‘almost’ relationship to a real, full-fledged one.

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9. You gazed at all your selfies with him and kept reliving all the moments spent with him…

… Often trying to figure if you looked good together, if you felt great together, if what you had was enough to take the plunge.

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10. You were never sure what a real date felt like…

For you would casually hang out with each other for coffee and cakes and lunches and dinners, and they would all feel special – but in the end, was it just two friends chilling? Or was it more?

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