#ShoesdayTuesday: These Boots Are This Fall’s Fashion Essential!

#ShoesdayTuesday: These Boots Are This Fall’s Fashion Essential!

DISCLAIMER: Winter shoe investments are subject to fashion risk. Please read this #ShoesdayTuesday document carefully before investing.

You know winter is at your doorstep when your mornings begin with ‘geyser dilemma’, there is a nip in the air, the sky turns a dark shade of blue at 6:30 PM, and the craving for hot steamy momos becomes an everyday thing. In other words, it’s time for...

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Now, I have a problem, I just can’t wear what everyone else is wearing (that’s probably why I don’t own a pair of fuzzy Uggs). So here’s a pair of boots, not for the trend-getter but for the trend-setter, that we find hot and happening this season. We have a feeling you might like them too…

Sock-Fit High Ankle Boots, Oh Mama!

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Am I right or am I right? These gorgeous-in-grey boots (Rs 3,895) from No Doubt are a thing to splurge on!

How To Style Them?

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With a peep-toe design, a block heel, sock-fit high ankle length, and the subtle winter colour, these boots will look great with your all time favourite black jeggings (Rs 899). For those happy feet days, mix things up with a printed skater dress (Rs 2,609). Or throw on a solid trench coat (Rs 1,899) for some high-street fashion feels!

One shoe, so many styles. Making everyone jealous, one foot at a time!

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