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Sunday Shorts: 3 Steamy Stories Of Online Hookups!

Sunday Shorts: 3 Steamy Stories Of Online Hookups!

1. One Thing I Never Knew I Needed

We are the Tinder generation, swiping left and right without a second glance. But sometimes, you swipe onto the right person on the wrong app. I found him on Instagram, with a collection of perfectly lit pictures and a public profile. He wasn't from my city though, sadly. But one month, and one airport meeting later, we were kissing on my apartment stairs, rushing to my room. The fact that I lived alone helped. Soon we were just skin on skin, barely tearing our lips apart to breathe. Making way to the bed, we turned feverish with need. After an hour of giving and receiving, with a raspy voice he said, “You’re the one thing I never knew I needed.”

1 online hookups

2. How About Now?

I’d been on a certain dating app, looking for someone to have a casual fling with when I came across his profile. A swipe and a couple of texts later, we’d decided the place to meet. To my surprise, it was quite an intimate restaurant. After the dinner, we headed to his place. We started making out as soon as we were in the apartment. Surprisingly, there was no awkwardness only desire and a lot of it.

We were too consumed by lust to make it to the bed so he took me right there on the cold floor of his apartment. Later on, when we were half asleep, entwined with each other, he asked me “when are we doing this again?” I slid down his body and replied “how about now?” before taking him in my mouth.

2 online hookups

3. Feverish Anticipation

We hadn’t stopped sexting ever since we first matched on Tinder and now the dirty texts flowed with ease. Unable to bear the anticipation any longer, I asked him for his address and wasting no time, showed up at his door. He grabbed me in his arms, and my clothes were ripped off, as he pinned me to the bed and kissed me until I was gasping for breath. Trailing his finger along my torso, his lips grazed my inner thigh, as my fingers found their way into his thick mane of hair. I moaned from the back of my throat, knowing exactly well what the night was going to bring us both.

3 online hookups

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Images: Shutterstock, Giphy

Published on Sep 17, 2017
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