Sunday Shorts: 3 Racy Tales Of Wedding Hookups!

Sunday Shorts: 3 Racy Tales Of Wedding Hookups!

1. A Lonely Girl’s Heaven

Weddings can get lonely, especially for the recently single lot - stuck between couples who are SO in love and others celebrating ‘togetherness’. It is safe to say that I wasn’t feeling very pleasant at this wedding, but somehow he still managed to make me laugh. He found me across the dance floor and introduced himself over the music. To be honest, I didn’t hear him and it is safe to say that to this day I don’t know his name. But after we shared a cigarette in the parking lot on that cold windy night, one thing led to another and we began kissing outside his car. His hands were so rough but they felt perfect as he grabbed my bare waist (god bless that lehenga). We were rudely interrupted by a relative of the bride before we could make it into his car, I don’t think I’ve felt that rush of adrenaline again. I just wish I had a name to maybe get in touch with him later. Sadly, it was too late to ask and he never found me either.

1 wedding hookups

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2. When Dance Plays Cupid

I did not know wedding dance practices could help you find love until I met him. Since we were dance partners, there was literally body heat! Finally, at the wedding, when we were both a little tipsy and uninhibited, we let go of self control. He held my hand and took me back to his hotel room and since I wanted it just as much, I went silently with him, my insides all twisted with anticipation. In the room, he said “May I?” and when I nodded, he kissed me so passionately, it felt like I’d never been kissed before.

The rest of the night is a pleasurable blur in my memory, because I cannot recall exactly what happened or how many times. All I know is that the next morning, waking up and finding him sleeping peacefully next to me, I knew I’d found the love of my life. Surprisingly, a few days later, he told me he felt the same!

2 wedding hookups

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3. When Desires Run Wild

Being the maid of honour to your sister's wedding can be both amazing and stressful. As I was running errands, I spotted him in the corner of the room, chatting up with the groom's friends. His casually handsome features threw me off-guard, and I found myself smiling at his direction, without realizing it. He caught my eye, grinned mischievously and made his way to where I was standing. I could feel the sexual tension between us, as I made conversation with him. I was incredibly aroused right then, but there were too many people around us for me to make a move. Just as I was hoping to give him a big smooch, he grabbed my wrist, pulled me closer and urgently whispered “Come with me”.

We made our way to the garden, where all the guests would eventually make their way later, sneaking behind a bush. Feverishly stripping ourselves to nothing, he kissed me with a fervour I hadn’t bargained for. But it was an interesting surprise, nevertheless!

3 wedding hookups

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