#BeautyTrivia: Things You Never Knew About Facials!

#BeautyTrivia: Things You Never Knew About Facials!

You’ve tried it, I’ve tried it, almost every woman has experienced the power of a facial! After all, what’s not to love about this beauty treatment? It helps even out skin tone, unclogs your pores, improves blood circulation and most importantly, makes your skin look bright and fresh. Plus, the massage that follows soon after feels relaxing AF. Whether you’re new to facials or intending to get one done soon, you must know of these 8 things about getting facial treatments. Here’s to happy skin, lovelies!

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1. Facials need to be done regularly

Just how all good things take time to happen, the same ideology applies to facials. Facials aren’t a one time thing. The more often you visit the parlour, the better. Once every four to six months is ideal to get one done. That way, your skin is bound to look nourished, hydrated and supple for months to come. Just make sure not to get one done too regularly.

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2. A well-lit room will fetch you the best results

2 facial treatment light

When one thinks of getting a facial, they assume that it’ll be done in an atmosphere of soft music, aromatic scents and dim-lighting. No matter how relaxing that sounds, you must know that dim-lighting comes with a disadvantage. For the beautician to get a better look at your skin, bright lighting is essential. If the room is dull and dark, the beautician could face problems when tending to your skin. In a worse-case scenario, they could even damage your skin, which could lead to scars and inflammation in the future.

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3. Waxing and facials don’t go hand in hand

Booking both your waxing and facial appointment on the same day is not a good idea. Sure it saves time and gets both the jobs done, but it does take a toll on your skin’s texture. You see, waxing facial hair exposes a new layer of skin cells. Teaming that up with a deeply exfoliating facial can irritate freshly waxed skin. And, you know what follows after, right? Rash, burns and acne! Hence, a wise decision would be to spread out your pampering sessions across 2-3 days depending on how sensitive your skin is.  

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4. Facials aren’t only about using products

4 facial treatments massage

Many of you may think that the best part about getting a facial done is using top-quality products on your face. That’s one way to look at it, but the other way is equally important - the massage. Due to poor nutrition, clogged skin pores and sleep deprivation, the lymph system can get overloaded. The massage helps drain the toxins from the skin by stimulating the lymph system. Don’t feel shy to ask for a few more minutes of massaging.

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5. Only a professional can make your facial worth it!

We can’t stress enough how important it is to trust your skin with a professional facialist. If skin is treated by an untrained beautician, it can flare up and get itchy. Also make sure that a good steaming session is included in your treatment. That way, opening pores and preparing them for extraction would seem as a safe and effortless task.

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6. Getting a facial done right before an occasion is a big no-no

6 facial treatment light

While getting a facial done two days before a big event seems logically correct, the answer is far from the truth. Depending on your particular facial treatment, from exfoliation to blackhead extraction, your skin is likely to swell up and look blotchy for a day or two after your session. To avoid taking any risks, get a facial done one week before the main event. Sticking to this option will fade any residual blotchiness and give your skin a lovely, dewy glow.

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7. Allow your skin to breathe after the treatment

Depending on the intensity of the facial and how sensitive your skin is, try not to apply make-up on it. After getting a facial, allow your skin to breathe and soak up the effects of the treatment. If you have free time on your hands, a small nap post the beauty session will guarantee that your skin looks fresh and radiant when you wake up.

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8. Be transparent with beautician

8 facial treatment light

Before the parlour lady touches your skin, it’s important to tell her your skin’s medication history. Whether you’re on meds or you have sensitive skin, it could affect the way your skin responds and reacts to facials or products. Being transparent with them will ensure that your facial treatment will be a hassle-free experience.

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