The BEST Facial For *Your* Skin Type (For That Bridal Glow!)

The BEST Facial For *Your* Skin Type (For That Bridal Glow!)

From the day your wedding date is finalized, your mind starts whirling with ideas to become fit and get that gorgeous bridal glow. And brides-to-be, when it comes to looking flawless on your big day, nothing is more effective than regular facials based on your skin type. So, if you’re confused about what bridal facial you want to book at your parlour for that bridal glow, here’s the ultimate guide for you. Whether it is dry, oily, acne-prone or dull skin that you’re dealing with, we have the BEST facials listed out based on your skin type, just so that you look drop-dead gorgeous and absolutely flawless on your big day!

10 Types Of Bridal Facial According To Your Skin Type

1. For Dry Skin - Hydration All The Way!

For those dealing with dry, flaky skin, essential oils and creamy face packs should be your best friends. A long, comforting massage with all kinds of hydrating products is just what all brides-to-be with dry skin need. This will not only regulate blood flow but also lock in oodles of moisture in the skin. Start off with a mild exfoliator that will remove dead skin cells and the flaky parts of the skin. Then, pamper your face with moisturizing essential oils and creams. Do this once in 15 days in the months leading up to the wedding and say hello to a radiant glow!

2. For Oily Skin - Bring On The Gels!

2 bridal facial 

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Excess oil and sebum production by the skin means gel-based facials will work like magic for you. Be it a cooling aloe vera gel or any other favourite that you might have, make sure you use those, and steer clear of all creamy and oily facial products. Ask your parlour lady to massage your skin lightly because too much of a massage will once again send the oil glands in overdrive. While the gel products will cool your skin, it will also hydrate it without making it too oily. Do this once a month and bring on the bridal glow!

3. For Combination Skin - Experiment Till You Get It Right!

Figuring out what facial products suit you best, brides-to-be with combination skin is completely dependent on how much you experiment. While some of you might feel that gel-based products make your skin radiant, others might experience the same with oil-based products. Try, try, till you succeed, is what we’d like to say to you here. It could even be that a fresh papaya massage is what results in radiant skin. All the best, ladies.

4. For Sensitive Skin - Fruits For The Win!

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For skin that experiences redness, itchiness and inflammation every now and then, fresh fruits are the solution. Refrigerated banana mash, papaya pulp and tomato are the ingredients for facial products we’re talking about here. The juices of these fresh fruits will penetrate the skin, hydrate it and take care of irritated and inflamed skin. This will also have the least side effects on your sensitive skin. Store-bought creams and face packs will have some amount of chemical in them and that is something your skin surely won’t take to. Go au naturale, won’t you, brides-to-be?

5. For Skin That Looks Dull Too Soon - Heard Of Microabrasion?

Want your skin to look wedding-ready in a jiffy? You’ve got to try the microabrasion treatment in that case. Visit your dermatologist for this treatment that uses micronized crystals to buff away layers of dead skin to reveal smooth, flawless and glowing skin. You dermat will recommend the frequency of this depending on how your skin reacts to it.

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6. For Skin That Breaks Out Too Easily - Chemical Peel Cures!

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You definitely don’t want a hint of a zit cropping up close to the big day. If your skin’s behaviour is unpredictable, discuss with your dermat a mild chemical peel that contains salicylic acid which takes care of any possible zits, and gives you clear and smooth skin. The number of sittings for this one completely depends on what your dermat suggests in your case.

7. For Skin With Blackheads And Whiteheads - Tried Some Steam?

Oh those annoying black and whiteheads can play such spoilsports for your skin and your entire look. No matter what facial you get, it’s imperative that you steam your face well and have all of them removed by your beautician. The steam will help open the skin pores and make it easy for the pesky blackheads and whiteheads to be cleaned out without damaging the skin. This will eventually lead to smooth, radiant and wedding ready skin!

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8. For Skin That’s Not Very Face Pack-Friendly - Ice Pack Magic!

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We often underestimate the effects of frozen water on our faces. If your skin doesn’t agree with any sort of face packs - store-bought or homemade ones with natural ingredients - an ice pack will work its magic to make your skin look lovely on the big day. Cleanse and massage your face with a cooling gel to remove all dirt and grime, and to regulate blood flow at first. Then rub some ice all over your face - this will close all open pores, reduce any redness and cure inflammation too. After rubbing the ice in a circular motion, apply a hydrating cream to finish up. This will give you visibly smoother, more radiant and glowing skin.

9. For Skin That’s Tanned - Scrub Away, Ladies!

Heard of all those lovely apricot scrubs or ones made with sugar granules and oil at home? This is just what your tanned skin needs. A good rub with a hydrating scrub will slough off all that dead skin and make your skin so supple and smooth. This done twice a month should improve your complexion and give you that bridal glow just in time for the big day!

10. For Pigmentation Issues - Go Au Naturale!

10 bridal facial

Home facials with natural ingredients are your best bet if it is pigmentation that is playing havoc on your skin. The list of skin brightening ingredients includes papaya, banana, avocado, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, tomato and orange peel, among others. Massaging your face with any of these on a daily basis and leaving them on like a face pack after, for about 10-15 minutes, is sure to reduce the pigmentation. This done religiously will give you that bridal glow you’ve been working towards for your special day!

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