8 Things To Do If You Feel Your Relationship Is Moving Too Fast

8 Things To Do If You Feel Your Relationship Is Moving Too Fast

We millennials definitely have a tendency to think things through all the time. Whether it comes to splurging on something we like or investing our emotions in a relationship, we like to be in control and take one step at a time. Wanting to find out what you’re in for is not necessarily a bad thing. So, if you think your relationship is moving too fast, here are 8 things you could do.

1. Analyze your feelings

It is albeit a bit scary to fall head over heels for someone in a short span of time, but don’t chastise yourself for it. Try and figure out why do you feel a bit cynical or uncomfortable about someone making you a centre of their world.

2. Talk to your partner

If you think your relationship is getting serious too quickly, discuss your apprehensions with your boyfriend. His point of view will give you a much-needed clarity on the matter.

2 relationship is moving too fast

3. Don’t ration your feelings

There are no obvious consequences to, say, moving in with someone you love within a few months of knowing him. Sometimes a relationship is just the right fit. And you wouldn’t be doing yourself a favour by retracing your steps in such a situation.

4. What do your friends say?

Our friends are usually the ones who are so well-versed with our personality that if we are doubting the premise of a relationship, they’ll be the first to cut to the chase and point to the actual reason why we think so.

4 relationship is moving too fast

5. Pick a hobby

Sometimes a productive hobby is the best way to keep your mind from wandering off and thinking too much. Even a morning run could help you take time out for yourself and catch your breath. And maybe that’s all you need!

6. Continue to spend time with him

Just because he wants to introduce you to his parents and you are kind of overwhelmed by the thought, doesn’t mean that you should avoid meeting him as often. Girls, if you are not on board with his idea, you can always say no.

6 relationship is moving too fast

7. Be considerate of his feelings

Ladies, keeping him in the dark is not a great idea. If you are deliberately making plans where you guys are always in groups, he will notice that in due time and be hurt by the fact that you weren’t keen on spending much time with him alone.

8. Some time off, maybe?

Inadvertently we put a lot of pressure on ourselves when it comes to a relationship and the kind of role we wish to play in it. How about taking some time off and getting some perspective on what you actually want? No, this doesn’t mean you are breaking off with the other person - but sometimes a bit of space can work wonders in strengthening a relationship.

8 relationship is moving too fast

Remember girls, the bottom line is that you should be having fun instead of constantly worrying about what could possibly go wrong. And eventually, everything will fall into place.

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