What Happened When We Had A Quickie… In A Closet!

What Happened When We Had A Quickie… In A Closet!

It was a great party! My childhood bestie had thrown a lavish affair at her farmhouse with tons of people, alcohol and even a swimming pool! I had been dating Abhishek for only six months back then and it was our first party together.

I was definitely looking to get some action that night. Don't blame me! I had been single for almost one year before Abhishek came into my life. And it was a party, for God's sake! We were all over each other since the very beginning of the night when he picked me up from my house and planted a huge kiss on my lips. 'What was that for?' I had asked him 'For looking so great tonight!' he replied 'Is that all I get for putting in so much effort?' I asked mischievously. 'That is just the first three seconds of movie, babe!' he had smiled back. And that is how the night began.

We danced and talked and kissed. Until we finally wanted to get a room! Now the farmhouse had only three rooms and two bathrooms and ALL of them were occupied. I am not even kidding! Every room had a couple and every bathroom had someone or the other who had had a little too much to drink. This left me super disappointed. I didn't want to leave the party and I really wanted to be with him, at the same time.

Internal - quickie in a closet

When I told him this, he laughed. 'Well, there is one other solution!' he said, dragging me into a kind of a broom closet in the corridor. It wasn't exactly a broom closet because there weren't any brooms but it sure was the same size. Just a little bigger than any other regular closet. There were some papers and files stacked in one corner and one tiny stool in the other. It was pitch dark. I was just getting accustomed to the darkness when his hands slipped under my shirt and his lips met mine.

It didn't take me long to catch up. We only had a few minutes to make it happen and, to be honest, in that moment, that's all we needed. We stayed wrapped up in each other's arms after we had our quickie in a closet and whispered how much we loved each other for the first time. And managed to enjoy the party even after that. It was quite a night, I must say!

*Names changed to protect privacy. 

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