13 Things To Tick Off Your ‘Sex Bucket List’ Before The Year Ends!

13 Things To Tick Off Your ‘Sex Bucket List’ Before The Year Ends!

Like we have bucket lists for life, we thought it would be fun to create one for sex, too? So here’s a sex bucket list with loads of items to tick off before 2017 ends. Get ready and see how many items have you struck off the list already and how many are left to go. Trust us, this is gonna be one hell of a ride. *Wink*

1. Animal Sex. Loud & Clear!

All good things come in loud packages, what are you waiting for, woman?

2. A Full-Fledged PDA Gesture

‘Cause you gotta flaunt it to the world, after all.

2 sex bucket list - couple kissing

3. Join The Mile-High Club

This is an all-time classic to have on your sex bucket list.

4. Pleasure Yourself With A Sex Toy

The art of self-pleasure goes a long way, so let this be the year you get started with it!

4 sex bucket list - sex toy

5. Get Kinky Outdoors

The ‘we-might-get-caught’ sex gives you the thrill that matches no other, trust us.

6. Make Out While It Rains - Bollywood Style

*Tip Tip Barsa Paani plays in the background*

6 sex bucket list

7. Experiment

Handcuffs, blindfolds, chocolates, maple syrup, ice or maybe a combination of all of it? *Wink*

8. Play Strip Poker

Playing THIS game will be a game changer in your sex life!

8 sex bucket list - kate beckett strip poker

9. Perform A Strip Tease

Strip that down for me, baby!

10. Try That Sex Fetish

BDSM, role-playing or even suspenders - go crazy girl ‘cause it’s now or never!

10 sex bucket list - strip tease pole dance

11. Go Commando, YO!

Leave your panties at home and go a day without them.

12. Sex In The Water

While this one might seem a bit tough to do but believe us, it’s totally worth it.

12 sex bucket list - leave panties at home

13. Start Reading An Erotica

…and maybe flick the bean as you turn the pages of your novel.

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